Michael Todd | – Lazy Faith // Crazy Faith (Part 7)

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  1. Pastor Mike I love how u preach I just cringe everytime you have people say "I believe you died" God, the father never died he's eternal. Jesus his Son did die and I get some believe in 3 "people" making up equal parts in a trinity but Jesus never said that in fact he said over and over the father is greater than him and prayed to him over and over clearly saying they werent 1 in the same. Jesus was a man fully commited to his.purpose who has already received the holy spirit of God to guide him and he is our LORD (Master/Leader) but he still follows God almighty and will answer to him from what I understand.

  2. I’ve been watching all these videos on their Transformation app, and I have become excited to church again and supported in my faith and search and reignited and I am thankful that God brought the relationship goals series past my life 3 years ago❤️

  3. I remember counselling a mother in my home many years ago. She said she was so blessed and wished she had the laid back togetherness I had. A seemingly easy life. She didn't know I got up at 5 a.m. to do my day's work so that I was free for her for as long as it takes and had spent a couple of hours before the Lord seeking His heart and word for her. Lol.

  4. I wish they wouldn’t try to make money off their videos and have no ads. I know lots of churches that don’t have ads in their videos. When an ad pops up, it ruins the atmosphere of the sermon. I feel like they make enough money to not need ads.