Michael Todd | – Living The Dream // Is It What You Expected? // The Paradox of Purpose // Charles Metcalf

Have you ever heard someone say, “I am just living the dream”? In the fourth week of our series, The Paradox of Purpose we learned about the dreams that Joseph had and the impact those dreams had on his life. It wasn’t what he expected and some of the people he thought would be there for him weren’t, but Pastor Charles taught us that as long as you are faithful; favor will follow you! Make sure and check out this message and share it with someone who needs to hear it!

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0:23 – What is the PARADOX of Purpose?
4:37 – Genesis Chapter 37 Verse 6
10:04 – Living The Dream
12:32 – Genesis Chapter 37 Verse 7
14:51 – Just because they are CLOSE, doesn’t mean they UNDERSTAND your calling
17:50 – Insecure people try to put PURPOSE in a PIT
21:23 – Don’t QUIT in the PIT
21:59 – Genesis Chapter 39 Verse 2
23:46 – Your FAVOR follows your FAITHFULNESS
26:30 – Genesis Chapter 39 Verses 6 through 12
28:41 – You’ll have an opportunity to trade PURPOSE for PLEASURE
36:52 – If you don’t see your DREAM, serve someone else’s
49:20 – Genesis Chapter 43 Verses 26 through 30
51:43 – PURPOSE is always accompanied by PAIN
54:14 – Your purpose is always about SERVICE, not STATUS
56:06 – Genesis Chapter 42 Verses 1 through 3
56:38 – Genesis Chapter 37 Verse 6
58:33 – John Chapter 6 Verse 35
58:47 – Philippians Chapter 2 Verse 10
1:00:46 – Your purpose is not to BE GOD, your purpose is to GIVE GOD

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Transformation Church Representing God to the Lost and Found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael and Natalie Todd, based in Tulsa, OK. Transformation Church For more information, visit us at https://transformchurch.us

Comment (31)

  1. Thank you again Charles for this wonderful msg. I've been watching your sermons for years now, and watching how far you've come and how much you've grown is such an empowering sight and truly gave me and people around hope. I Heard that you had struggles in the past and had overcome it, I pray that you always know that God is faithful and ready to come to you whenever and wherever. God bless you

  2. Your purpose is always about service, not status bless you, pastor, I understand that this is the hit point for me & all of us as Christian we call for not to build status, just to serve the almighty God and his people.

  3. Just left my teaching job and do not have one lined up when I have debt! I feel the Lord's calling me to help children in need of education in other countries. Please pray for me to find a job, but one that is in the Lord's will 🙂

  4. Pastor Charles…….your the man! I thoroughly enjoyed this series and this opportunity to get to know you better, and see Gods presence in you Sir! Thank you for truly allowing God to speak through you and blessing all of us.

  5. I'm gonna need Pastor Metcalf not to be all up in my business! I feel exposed lol. I'm working on it, alright?! The sermon hit me when he said "they'll remember me if I do such and such;" or "if I serve them for 6 months, then I'll get what I need for the next level." Sir. Sir. Thank you for telling me about myself. I have a lot to think about and work through with Christ. That's why TC is my church – we HOT!!!

  6. I can’t explain how Holy Spirit breathed a song on me in the wee hours of Sunday morning that He’d enable me finish on Monday, only to watch this sermon today, Thursday the 7th of July, and find that it’s all connected. I didn’t conclude on a title for the song till this sermon and series began to wrap up. It’s called “Present in Us”. Thank you Pastor Charles for being the obedient vessel through which this light will shine always. Thank you TCN.

  7. I've been following TC since the beginning….before the blow up… and i just want to say that I am loving the journey of growth in Charles. I didn't like his sermons a few years ago. I thought he was corny and whack. I could see his passion, but the delivery wasn't there.

    But THIS….THIS RIGHT HERE….is E V E R Y T H I N G!!!

    He is confident, accurate, his fit is dripping, and he is snatching edges left and right! lol.

    I can see that he is in his element….in his purpose…

    Thank you Charles!

  8. "THE ULTIMATE PARADOX OF PURPOSE IS THAT PURPOSE IS NOT EVEN ABOUT YOU! It is, but it isn’t. You are important but not as important. It’s not “watch me do it,” but “God you do you.” You wanna be in purpose? GIVE IT GOD. THE STORY IS ABOUT HIM! HIS PRESENCE IS WHAT VALIDATES PURPOSE. IF HE’S WITH ME, THIS IS THE DREAM." wow.

  9. Pastor Charles, thank you for this message series. I have been in a period of time questioning my purpose. This message has given me encouragement about my journey (both past and future). May God continue to bless you and your family.