Michael Todd | – Maybe Faith // Crazy Faith (Part 3)

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  1. I'm typing this to come back and look at later. At 52:03 when that verse popped on the screen, I felt a shiver in my soul as I looked down and saw the same verse on the bottom of a page of my journal where I wrote what I believe God has for me in crazy, maybe faith! 51%!

  2. I am coming out of a life paralyzed of an unhealthy relationship, by faith and continuing to live in faith for He is faithful and His mercies are new every morning (Lam 3:22-23) God bless TCN and thank you for helping me move in faith by our Creator of Heaven, Earth <3

  3. My student loans are wiped out. I am bringing more people to GOD through me. My house and my family house is paid off. I am my wife greatest "because of my husband" speech. I am one of the greatest dad with the best kids. I am blessed with overflow that overflow into everyone else. I am the best supervisor that everyone can have, and I have technically knowledge over every thing I am over.

  4. Someone hold my hand and pray with me as I learn to let God in my heart. I don't know how to trust, how to open up as i keep making reference to my human experiences. I am ready to let Him in, I need to let Him in. Someone pray with me.