Michael Todd | – More Contagious Than Corona // Secure The Bag (Part 5) (Michael Todd)

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Transformation Church Representing God to the Lost and Found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael and Natalie Todd, based in Tulsa, OK. Transformation Church For more information, visit us at https://transformchurch.us

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  1. So well spoken should of went to Cambridge.
    The deceiver is so well spoken. And has “pastors” fit tailored made just for you and what your carnal itching ears want to hear over Truth :(. Discern Christian read your Bible and Pray. we cannot make things “fit” read Context. God bless you all reading this.

  2. Open your heart to people, give without expecting anything in return. Your successes are another person's blessings, having a successful business means you can expend and bless someone with a job.

    Make GIVING a habit, let it be part of you. You see that person at the grocery store that put back something because of the price, bless them by getting it for them❤️
    Allow God to use you

  3. Unreal!! THE REALEST I HAVE EVER SEEN! PRAISE GOD! Thank you that you are using this young pastor to steward and be a minister of your Word; the very thing we need now and forever. God bless TCN. I am proud to be a part of this church all the way from Denver and hope one day to visit your campus in-person. <3 Glory and praise to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!

  4. I'm from Zambia,watching this sermon eight months later and every time i watch these sermons later than they were posted,I always feel how intentional God has been with the timing. It's like if I heard them excatly when they were posted i wouldn't benefit from them as much as I do now. I'm a first year student,who started University in crazy faith,knowing God will come through every step of the way. And He did,until corona hit and fear took over,my single mother lost her Job in the process,she is unable to care for my 2 siblings and I as much as she used to,but God always manages to put food on our table somehow,even though I'm owing the university about $600 in debt with just about no idea on how to pay it. I'm hoping somone sees this and is generous enough to help with any amount God places on your heart.Email me; [email protected]gmail.com for proof or any other information you might need to help me. Anxiety is taking over and this might be my first and last year of university and knowing I'm not going to fulfill my passion has me in so much doubt about life in general.