Michael Todd | – Planted and Under Fire // Planted Not Buried (Part 3)

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  1. I pray that More people will hear my Podcasts. You all can relisten to this sermon and others by Pastor Mike Todd and my other favorite Pastors. I pray that someone will want to know more about God and want to accept Jesus as their Lord and savior and I hope my Podcast can help spread the word and help people want to know more about his love. GOD Bless you all. Check it out on any audio platform iTunes, spotify, etc search for me –> Heavy With God's Favor

  2. I started watching this series because my son has also be diagnosed with Autism. He says some words but they aren't always clear. I have been so down and feeling like I have been failing him but I know the devil is a liar. He is amazing created in God image. Just need a reminder that God can. Got that today.

  3. Praise God Pastor!God cannot lie,Ur son is healed,restored & he is preaching the Word all over the World.It might luk like a deadend that Ur son is not able to speak,but actually "THAT IS THE DOOR FOR GOD TO TOUCH HIS SPEECH WHICH HEAL,DELIVER & SAVE MILLIONS".He is already healed,n so we call those things which be not as though they were."The things which are seen are temporary,but the things which are not seen are Eternal.The Devil twists this Word & try to make us feel that things which r seen r eternal,he is a Liar,the father of lies.

  4. My faith is not based on the outcome … I expected that what proved my faith is that God does what I am hoping for but faith's base is God's goodness and yeah!!how you know your God, When you know your God, when you know that no matter what he is good and no matter what there is the light at the other end… There is something about knowing who your God is, you just become Daniel 3:18 type of Christian gangster before all your mountains. Don't bow … Please don't bow. If you can't stand, then lean on Jesus and I am soo sure that he will give you strength….

  5. I can’t tell u how many times I’ve listened to this message in the past week and it JUST hit me that I’ve been planted for about a year now. And what’s soooooo interesting is that at the beginning of this year I used burial as a metaphor to describe my 2019. Talk about a lie of the devil! God has already put some things in my spirit for 2020, and through this message I see that 2020 is my year of sprouting. AND YOU KNOW WHAT!! When a plant sprouts, it’s like all of a sudden it doubles over night, then the more it grows, the faster it grows. It starts looking pretty, green and leafy and begins to be admired. Then the fruit comes. Then comes grabby hands for the harvest. But that’s ok!!!! Because since I’m planted next to the river, I’ll bear fruit in every season. My fruit and beauty will attract people and bring them closer to the Living Water. They may hang around for shade, come back every day to eat, come once and never return, come and feed their whole family, or anything. But whatever they do, they’ve tasted of the Lord. Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!!! Hallelujah!

  6. “When you stand you’re easier to see” Wow. I’ve always wondered why I’ve always felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb even when trying to seamlessly blend. I’ve always been different and I guess everybody else knew it before I did. Great message!

  7. I appreciate his testimony about his autistic child.I have three children who are autistic in different levels of severity.the enemy has tried to get the best of me too but I have seen miracles and leaps and bounds in them through the years. God's ways are not our ways. They are higher! Amen!