Michael Todd | – Prepared to Plant // Planted Not Buried (Part 2)

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Transformation Church Representing God to the Lost and Found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael and Natalie Todd, based in Tulsa, OK. Transformation Church For more information, visit us at https://transformchurch.us

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  1. I thank God that my daughter introduce me to Transformation Church it have been a blessing to my soul it have been a blessing to time your life around and took be consistent and everything that God should have may God continue to bless y'all may God continue to open doors for you guys Church but it's

  2. Kenyan here… my pastor preached this message during the overnight prayer meeting to cross over into 2020. It's amazing how it's the same scripture, but two different sermons from it. The word of God is truly living.
    Pastor Mike usually talks looking into his audience at the church, but when he was talking about forming patterns and convincing yourself that it's not that big of a deal, he looked straight at the camera. I felt like he was talking directly to me.

  3. A year later, and I’ve come back to watch this series, and I think the first time around I took it for advantage because this second time around, my my m’y is my life changing right before my eyes (from the inside!)!!! Thank you Goddddddd

  4. Just failed this semester, lost my financial aid, some of it I had no control over. Been praying about what I should do and fell back into temptation and anxiety. One phrase came to mind, “under doesn’t mean over.” Im still hurt but I know that God Almighty has a plan for me. So I’ll praise Him where I stand.