Michael Todd | – Single, Not Alone :: Relationship Goals (Part 2)

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  2. Amen. Mid 20s and I needed to hear this. Everyone around me is married with kids and I am single and trying to work on myself, I sometimes think something is wrong with me but I am just trying to maximize my singleness. This series hits different.

  3. I just got out of a relationship because I felt something wasn’t right, there wasn’t anything wrong with him but there was definitely something wrong with me. I knew god wanted to fix me and create me to a better person before being in the relationship, so it’s been a painful week since the breakup but tonight i was able to be blessed enough to find these videos on my timeline, and now i’m ready to embrace my singleness. im thankful and excited for what god has in store for me, im excited to see the other version of myself im ready to embrace my singleness i look forward for everything. Thank you so much for picking me up i’ll embrace my singleness !!

  4. Wow

    What a needed word.

    You know, one of my friends told me something after his relationship with his girlfriend ended and it really stuck with me: "Am I in love or am I in love with the idea of a relationship?"

    I think that one sentence describes such a large part of this video.

    May God bless transformation church!

  5. Pastor. I am a very sinful yet crying christian who runs to God every time I mess up. I am not perfect nor will ever be, but after I went through an extremely difficult divorce, its been almost 3 years I an single, I promise God I wouldn't date unless He shows me the way. I met a JW online because she said my testimony impacted her and after few moths we both fell for each other. We both understand our different beliefs yet we stop talking for few months because of our beliefs. I told her I have a relationship with Jesus and she doesn't believe in Jesus and that caused us to fall apart for few months. Now here I am again talking to her, she said she prayed to Jehova about us and she keeps praying that Jehova guides her to make the right choice. I pray and fast to Jesus for Him to help me understand if she is for me or not. She is everything I prayed and fasted for, the type of woman I have prayed for the last 3 years and she says I am what she has been praying for even when we don't know each other that well. I keep praying about it but I want to seek counseling from people who have a greater relationship with Jesus. I want to do this the right way and honor Jesus with my marriage but I don't understand why I met someone with different belief system yet it matches everything I prayed and fast for the last 3 years and vice versa for her. I need help before I go deeper with her, we don't have sex or spend time alone where temptation might come in because I am waiting for marriage and so is she. Can you give me some advice??

  6. Wow I love you so so so much with all sincerity from the heart I love you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ praise God thank you for those encouraging words I like to say a hundred fold return back to you and yours and everything you set your hands to do here's the thing I've been up under intense Warfare and I need you to stand in agreement with me that the chains will be broken the assignment of the enemy will be broken in the mighty name of Jesus Amen and so I claim it and decree and declare it as we speak right now thank you my brother in Christ true man of God anointed man of God prophet of God doctor of God and all that he has for you I know when I hear people Minister what God has called him into and so I know who you are and I thank God for you sincerity I see the sincereness of your ministry thank you I love you happy Holidays happy Jesus birthday and many more to come I respect the fact that you reply back to me and told me what to do and I am yet standing and hoping and believing God for now Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of Things Not Seen loving you the more in Jesus mighty name amen

  7. I love watching this man's sermons but I am kind of getting sick of the negativity and patronizing jokes he makes and directs at women. Especially when it comes to relationships. It is true that some women behave senselessly when it comes to relationships but what he and society forgets is that these women behave thus as a result of the pressure that is put on them to make a perfect marriage or relationship. Man leaves? Woman couldn't keep him. No wonder these women strive to make a clearly dead relationship work. We keep on telling them that it is their sole responsibility. With regards to these women's low self-esteems, we really cannot pretend the world does not measure a woman's worth using her physical beauty. These women end up not feeling enough or confident because the unrealistic beauty standards they are subjected to and pitted against. Instead of putting the blame on women, how's about we ask why they do what they do.

    Now, about marriage and divorce: it is true that children tend to be grow up broken as a result of the separation between their parents but lets not pretend that's not the case for children who grow up with both parents married but the parent's relationship or marriage is toxic. This too is not just the woman's fault. Marriage is a partnership and both parties involved need to put in the necessary work during their singleness.

  8. Love God – Love Yourself – Love Others? So Jesus was a really good example of loving himself? I don't so. Building up your self esteem is NOT a prerequisite to sanctification. It's pretty obvious when Jesus says love others as you love yourself, he's not talking about building up self esteem. Do you feed yourself or allow yourself to starve? When he's talking about being secure in your weight – looks – self esteem – that's not what Jesus is talking about. How about feeding others as you feed yourself. Do you give yourself clothing – yes. Do you give yourself all the needs that you have physically – water, housing, etc.

    This is a twisted theology. Listen to this whole sermon – how much of it is about Jesus, God's word, renewing your mind, living by the spirit? Like maybe 1-2 minutes. Jesus didn't teach people to love themselves. If it was about that he would have stressed and taught people how to love themselves. But he DID teach us how to love others. By how Jesus acted (he acted in ways to love other, serve others), by what he talked about – the stories he told were about others serving OTHERS – not about them loving themselves. The final judgement was not people loving themselves but how to serve others.

    This sermon is ridiculous and I'm surprised so many people like it. It's twisted theology. It's almost nothing to do with Jesus and all about self. Selfishness not selflessness.

    In an hour he spent about 3 minutes on God's word.

    This is obviously for women – talking about instagram selfies – building your self esteem by how you fit into jeans, etc. This sermon is a good example of why marriages don't work.

  9. On 10:18 when he said “not even he hit me” and I understand he says he doesn’t condone that but does that mean you stay? I mean I have always though that there should be not even raising hands and a way to show respect for eachother as well as the way you talk as a couple but in this part I was sort of confused from what I understand, can someone explain please? Because what if it becomes an abusive relationship and personally I wouldn’t feel the same towards a man who would dare to hit me, of course forgiveness is very important but does forgiving necessarily mean staying? That’s just what I think at the moment but further explaining can help(:

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  11. Would it be considered marriage, if you never had a civil or religious marriage but had a child together? When you break up and are a single parent, would you consider this a divorce or just another break up?

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