Michael Todd | – The Bag With The Blessing // Secure the Bag (Part 4) (Charles Metcalf)

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  1. Tithed with no intention for God to give me anything in return, but true story, right after I tithed, 30 minutes later I found $330 that came into my bank account, didn’t come from anything; not work, not a friend, nothing! God put it into my account to help my business!

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  3. SERMON NOTES: Malachi 3:10
    *Tithing: The biblical principal of returning the first 10% of your income to your local church
    *The enemy is to pervert the principal of God to distract you from the purpose of God
    *Don't project the imperfection of one individual onto the character of God
    *Tithing is not generosity. You cant be generous with things you don't own
    *Tithing is returning not being generous
    1) Tithing is a test: Every time you get paid you're taking a test. Your obedience with that 10% will determine what God does next
    Tithing is you testing God
    2)Tithing is Biblical
    *Our tithes is received by God by the local church

    *A blessing is God stepping in when you acknowledge him
    3) Tithing is a blessing
    *Principal of tithing: Returning to God what is His

  4. god blessed me with $500 from a dance competition that i won. i tithed and gave offering and boy was it the best feeling ever. i dont even have a steady consistent source of income( because i am underage) yet he called me to tithe anyway. when i get i job tithing will be the first thing i do every time i get paid. thank you tc for this series. and thank you god for changing my heart.

  5. Ive been paying my tithes a little over a year but ive been but im jist reading through these comments and seeing how many people are trusting God with what He gave them for the first time and it almost had tears in my eyes. Even though ive been doing this a little while i said the prayer anyway and wanted be more intentional about returning Gods 10% with a glad heart and no fear in it. I was reminded today its not about the money but about the heart.l!!

  6. I like his teaching, but he didn't actually explain why tithing exists. There is one group of people whom God set to be leaders and priests over the followers of Torah. This was always and almost exclusively people of the 12 tribes, but it is anyone who follows God. It was never altered or changed that Levites (a specific tribe ordained for this service) should still be serving in temple. (The local church). The thing is, God's "church" is not local. His name is only in one place and associated with one building. That also was never changed. Tithing to God was to provide for the Levitical tribe who was not given an inheritance in the land of Israel. (All tribes received allotment of land minus this group because their inheritance is the Lord: or the tithing which they were to use to always maintain the temple, services, and services to God for the people. They were given certain spaces and fields in the different towns and cities in Israel)

    God is very clear about where He required his tithe to be brought and to to whom. You cannot tithe to whoever you want, wherever you want. All tithes should actually be benefiting an ordained entity in Israel as protocol would require. The fact that there is no temple is Israel is a problem. If everyone were tithing properly, there would be a proper House of God in His home. Tithing to local churches does not actually meet requirements….

  7. I’m part of Transformation Nation and I want to start tithing but I don’t know to what Church I should give it to because there are a few around my house. First, can I even tithe if I don’t actually congregate in a Church? Now if I can, should I give it to the closest Church to me? I’d really appreciate the help, thanks! God help you and multiply your blessing! Much love!

  8. It took listening to a tithing sermon many times over to make the decision to start today! Today when I don't know how I will financially get through this time and keep my business afloat. I grew up in the Church of Christ but never really know God until my friend introduced me to Transformation Church, thank you!!!

  9. I have a question for the pastor. First, thank you for this sermon, it really blessed me. I've always believed in tithing but I wasn't ever considerate of the "first" aspect of it. So, I need something clarified. When you say a tenth of your income, do you mean on what you earn solely e.g one's wages? Or does it mean on everything you have including financial gifts?

  10. Blessings. Awesome job! This series is truly blessing me. I am a person who tithes but this is pushing me to double tithe. I remember when I first started working years ago, I was making 150 per week and although it didnt seem like much, I trusted God and still paid my tithes. After a while I felt that was too little to give God so I started doubling up. Can I tell you that for every job after that I was paid more than the previous! I watched God open doors of favor and so much more over the years.

    I'm making more, I'm still giving God the 10% but after watching Pastors Robert and Charles, I'm feeling led to double up! Yes the bills have increased but Im going to continue to trust the one who gave me the bag.


  11. !!! Tithing is Not about giving back to God. Tithing is returning what already belongs to Him. You are not being tested to be blessed you are being tested to be Obedient. If you are Tithing with a mindset based on hoping to Receive then you are being deceived. God wants to prosper you in your walk and relationship with Him first …. teaching you to Trust Him as your Provider. When a Pastor tries to convince you " Sell you " the Gospel with cheap gimmicks and work the congregation " audience "
    we need to be cautious.

  12. This series last year changed my life. I was paying for someone in 8 months of rehab and justified not tithing, because it was to a christian rehab and a lot of money, ha. But God spoke to me in this series last year, and I decided to start tithing. God took that extra step and gave me vision to finally look at my debt that I'd ignored for 20 years, just paying the monthly minimums. I finally got the courage to face my debt, and will have over 20,000 of credit card debt finally paid off next year. I was an uber driver. I'm not rich or have a salary job. But this series was the start to my financial vision of freedom FINALLY.