Michael Todd | – Under Doesn't Mean Over // Planted Not Buried (Part 1)

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  1. My God he preached about just on what I’m currently going on ! It’s time to get my hope back! Get my faith back! Changing my prospective. My career is shaky right now but I am planted ! Thank you for this. Last week, all I did was question God and cried and wanted to quit

  2. Yep, this is for me. Especially 20 minutes in. I'm 35 years old. I purposely was single for 4 years with dates very few and far between under the deception that I wouldn't allow myself to be hurt again, and did a lot of leg work thinking I'd be prepared. I recently was heart broken thinking all that hard work paid off. God showed me I had made marriage an idol, because any cute guy that would come along I'd try to convince them to love me vs just allowing to treat them as a brother in Christ. Not even saying NO to non-Christians, and immature Christians. It's because I'm lonely. I gave up on asking God to change my mind about being lonely. I also don't like my life (due to the world convincing me my life isn't good enough.) I know now to practice praying "God… I don't need things in my life to go right. I just need You to love me."

  3. Ive had health anxiety for 6 months and Ive been having terrible panic attacks. Im new in Christ since February and its a struggle to over come the anxiety. I am devoted to God, I will not give up in trusting Him. His Will be done in my life. Planted not buried!!!!

  4. Once you're dead. You're dead. On to the afterlife. No plans made is a way of gods hate. So do whatever you can to fight his wrong plan. His plan for me is wrong. Be a priest, be alone, miserable and back to drinking.. My plan was to love god have faith and work for my goals. If I did it all right and didnt make the goals, god is to blame.. And that people, is true hate from god. But not losing faith and letting g him roger you until you die old and alone or blow your brains out because he doesnt care about a perfect plan you have for yourself. Screw that

  5. It's crazy how you can listen to a sermon during one season in your life, then come back during another season, listen to the same sermon and it hold an entirely different meaning. This series is right on time and I cannot wait to re-listen. P.S. @PastorMike, enjoy sabbatical and come back to us soon!

  6. I recently came across a video on TikTok and it lead me here. . I’m seeing this was from two years ago. I’m so glad i came across this brought tears to my eyes. I know what sermons I’ll need to be watching. Thank you for this