Michael Todd | – WARNING: Read The Manual Before You Touch The Product // Relationship Goals Reloaded (Part 1)

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  1. 23:22 The phrase "living in darkness" resonates as lack of awareness, directly translated into Hebrew would be "לחיות בחשיכה" resonates as ignorance. The term used to denote ignorance in Hebrew is "בורות", which stems from the root word "בור", which means "pit" or "hole in the ground".

  2. I've been in a relationship for 5 years but it failed then I said okay enough with it. I will be single and I did for almost 3 years. I focused on my career and my family but I felt there's something missing and I wasn't happy. I felt I'm missing out on life so I thought maybe I should try dating again. I'm still young and I fear I might regret it if I didn't take my "youth" to the fullest. Maybe I need to "explore". And so I did. I downloaded dating apps, went out with guys, had "fun". But I ended up feeling miserable than I ever was. I ended up hurting people and hurting myself. I let my emotions took over. I forced myself to be something I'm not. I hit the lowest point in my life where I didn't know my purpose. I was blinded by my own selfish ways. I became so depressed to the point I asked God to just take all my pain away, all the guilt, shame, anxiety, pride, if not then just end my life. And yes He did took away all those that are weighing me down but he didn't stop there, he didn't end my life but he gave me a NEW life. He broke the chains. After all what I've been through, came the realization that the reason I wasn't happy and fulfilled was because I trusted my own ways rather than trusting his ways. Learned my lesson the hard way. Now, I'm single and walking with Christ. No longer will I look for answers in the world view but on His words alone. I feel fulfilled and happy and relaxed because I know God will be with me every step of the way.

  3. Man Michael Todd I appreciate you and your sermons. Whenever I’m focused on my passion and I’m in a relationship, the relationship ends and I lose sight of what’s important then I start to struggle to stay motivated your videos help me and I’m looking forward to this series I need this! God bless you

  4. Man…. I’ve just been feeling so off lately, and I right as I turned on this sermon I literally felt a spritual drowsiness/weight lifted off of me. I know TC ain’t perfect but God is certainly using you and you pastor Michael always brings Gods revealed an spoken word with Him. I love it!

  5. My marriage is for longevity. I will let past events and indifferences go and allow the word of God to heal my marriage. I Will fight for my marriage and not divorce or give up. I will read the manual. AMEN!!!

  6. I watched the first part of the series of Relationship Goals. I really didn't know I needed hear it until I did. Pastor Mike, you have changed my outlook on being single, relationships, friendships, and my relationship with God in one week. I am so excited to watch Relationship Goals Reloaded and learn even more so I can achieve the relationship goals I want.

  7. Its 2021 and I just finished the first relationship goals series and when I tell you this was literally GOD sent! I'm so addicted I have no choice but to watch this series too. Thank you