Michael Todd | – Wavy Faith // Crazy Faith (Part 4)

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  1. I just watched this sermon and I pray God increases my faith, for me having a crazy faith is all I need. I'm from Ghana staying in Kuwait with a house maid visa, God has been my guide and strength being a mother of two and no one to assist me. God lead me where my trust is without border and bless me with a helper Amen

  2. Um trusting God with my crazy faith that I will be hired and get my dream job that I have applied for this month
    and my Bussiness will grow beyond my imagination and be successful
    I have abundance in my finances will come back to give update in 4 months from now with great news
    # Crazy Faith

  3. It's been 4 years since we've received a great news that we passed the board, and we can then officially call ourselves 'ENGINEERS'. Such a glorious moment!

    My Facebook notifications blasted with greetings from acquaintances and friends, family and relatives. It was such a divine moment: to finally achieve something, other than completing my bachelor's degree.

    It had been 4 years. Then what? I can't help but to feel frustrated. I believe it wasn't just me who was frustrated, even my Nanay. Which do pains me more. I am stuck. I am in the boat for too long. I was serving the church, but like some Christians do, we're stuck. If anyone hadn't known I'm struggling to finish my Master's. My scholarship is now forfeited. I can't progress. I can't. I just can't. I'm starting comparing myself on those who have succeeded now. Some had bought their own car. Some have 6-digit salaries per month. Others were considering to buy their own homes. Still, others had been married, or will be married soon (congrats!!!) And then, it all go back to me. I'm feeding my frustrations with insecurities. I am in this job that pays me little. I am living in the city where my expenses is greater than what I earn. I am starting a business that none have interests with. I sob every night with all my frustrations. I stayed in the boat. So long.

    The past weeks had been a struggle for me. I told myself, "You've been here before. Get up now." But I can't know how. I guess I forgot how. Then came this preaching. I have been listening to Pastor Mike Todd's series of Crazy Faith since Tuesday. I needed this. To get up again. To live again in faith. To get out of this boat were I am in. To walk again on waters.

    The key verse was surprisingly similar to what was preached to us on a special service before our board exam. Matthew 14:22-36

    The moment is still vivid to me, and the preacher said to us that whenever we are drowning, just call and shout, "Save me, Lord!" It had been too long since I cried out for saving. I have been travelling and circling my way past this storm that I can't get out. Maybe this is true to some of you. You've been in the depths of despair for too long. Me confessing this here is a huge leap. A leap of faith. Because I am going out of this boat now. This boat of comfort. The boat in which I rest in fear, not in faith. It may not make sense now, winds and storms of life will still cause waves to go up and down. People might bring me down to the deep. But what matters now, I have a little faith, faith that Peter have. Just enough to get off the boat. Faith to go on the waves because I believe there on the waves is my rescue and refuge. There in the waves is my Savior.

  4. I started sobbing when you were praying for Michael. I felt God so strongly and I texted my friend right away to end a physically intimate relationship that was outside of God’s plan for me. It was amazing how it had nothing to do with Michael’s story but God influenced me in that moment to get my focus back. Crazy.

  5. Amen. I just celebrated 9 months sobriety after years of struggling in addiction. I am having crazy faith for God to help me get Christmas gifts for my sons. I hace no money, but thanks to you Pastor Mike, I have crazy faith for financial help so my kids get presents. My email is PBONAGURA.99@GMAIL.COM. * am having CRAZY FAITH 5hat God will come through as I surrender my life to Christ. Amen.