Michael Todd | – Why Water Baptism? (I'm Bout That Action) // Grace Like A Flood (Part 5)

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  1. OMG its amazing, i just wrote in the last video about this, and its here!!! i had to look it up to find it and type it in my search engine!!!! I am so grateful for this sermon!!!!To God be the glory!! Pastor todd you have really have allowed me to understand your preachings!!! Thank you for being a vessel for God's word

  2. I’ve been baptized 100 times when I was younger but Something happened to me recently! I believe and I’m ready to get baptized for the final time it’s different this time I understand! Where can I go?

  3. When i told my parents i was getting baptized after I got born again, they couldn't understand why because i was baptized as a child according to Catholic church rituals.
    But I was sure beyond any doubt that the Holy Spirit was leading me to baptism by immersion because now I understood exactly what I was doing, and from that day my Journey of Faith was propelled sooo much. Don't be ashamed by people trying to belittle your decision, everything we do we do as unto the Lord, and God will reward your obedience.

  4. I love this! My struggle is that my sister thinks I should wait until I live differently. But I don’t believe that is how the did it. I’m not perfect but God came for imperfect people like me. I want to get baptized because Jesus did. He said repent and get baptized not get perfect and then get baptized.

  5. So good. I got baptized as a baby. Then, chose to get baptized in a church as an adult. God then led me to get baptized at a Dani Johnson event at a Hyatt hotel – literally felt completely different walking in deep relationship with God. Led then in 2015 to be baptized with Holy Spirit & fell completely out before I was touched by human hands – letting me know all God.

  6. What this guy is saying is all made up. 1st Thess 5:21 saids to prove all things. What chapter & verse did Jesus or his disciples tell anyone to say a prayer for salvation? Romans 10:1 chapter 10 if he had read it Paul was talking to Israel. Verse 1: Brethren my heart desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. And how do you go to the book of Romans to understand salvation when he just ignored the book of Acts. He not understanding the seriousness of baptism is certain in unfortunate to those that being deceived. This was know more than a comedy show.

  7. Thus says The Lord, concerning baptism: Let My beloved first be baptized in spirit and in truth, filled with the knowledge of The Holy, nourished by the Word of Truth. Let them come to Me in sincere repentance, and receive forgiveness of sins in The Messiah’s name… All burdens lifted, immersed and purified in The Spirit of God. For The Holy One of Israel is He who baptizes with The Holy Spirit and with fire,[1] and He knows His own.

    Therefore, hear and understand: The Water of Life is not of the earth. Rather The Water of Life is that which flows from the body of Messiah. For in Him alone shall one know salvation and receive everlasting life. Therefore be baptized in the knowledge and wisdom of The Beloved. Listen to Him and walk in His ways, and you shall surely be accepted.
    Tell Me, is the water of the earth able to take away your sins, or cleanse you of your transgressions? Can a river lead you to salvation or a stream call you to repentance? In what waters have you heard The Word of God speak? Thus baptism by water can not save you.

    Rather salvation comes by the hearing of The Gospel,
    And through the confession of the mouth that YahuShua,
    Called Jesus, is Lord, believing HE IS WHO HE IS[2]…

    The Risen One…

    The Only Way, The Only Truth, The Only Life[3]…

    For only by true repentance, in accord with the heart’s desire
    To be in union with The Messiah, shall one be set free.

    So then go forth, and be baptized in the waters of the earth, if you so desire. Yet remember this: Baptism in and of itself is nothing, unless the heart of the one being immersed has truly been converted. Thus baptism is for a testimony, an exercise in faith for the one who is saved already; or a mere dampening of the clothes of the one who came forth in pretense. For I am The Lord, I search the hearts and minds,[4] and I know whether or not one has truly been converted in their heart.

    From: Be Baptized in The Living Waters of Spirit and Truth
    Source:  http://answersonlygodcangive.com/Regarding_Baptism

  8. You will go to Hell if you don't get baptized by water John 3:5

    The Bible says you have to be baptized by water…… It don't matter who sees it…. They see it though you are, the person you change into…… The teaching that baptism is only for an outward public showing is a false teaching John 3:5 says Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

    You have to be baptized by water

  9. Do you think addicts have a hard time believing we can actually accept the grace of God, because we have done some of "messed up" stuff? I am not trying to up one my evil ways, but when you don't forgive yourself, it's hard to accept forgiveness elsewhere. It sounds crazy right? Out of all the evil, lol, mine was a 9 out of 10. God doesn't see my sin, I am forgiven. I know this, then I don't, then I do, and on and on and on. Sometimes I think I am the only one who doesn't "get it."

  10. A key purpose in water baptism is that the ceremony itself is a public confession of your new found faith in Christ, and I think we've all heard that before. But what seldom gets mentioned (if ever, actually) is what's happening in the Spirit realm….. Spiritually, what's happening is Jesus is telling Satan that; Hey, no longer yours, THIS ONE NOW BELONGS TO ME! Amen

  11. I really want to get baptised but it's not easy with my family because we are Catholics and they're really strong in it pray for me so I keep the faith that christ will come thru because sometimes it's hard but I know He will come through