Michael Todd | – Worship Is Love Expressed // 24Ever (Part 2)

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Transformation Church Representing God to the Lost and Found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael and Natalie Todd, based in Tulsa, OK. Transformation Church For more information, visit us at https://transformchurch.us

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  1. What should I tell God to do for this Handsome pastor, may God bless you and your family, transformation church is changing my whole life each situation I face, you are always there to Talk about my situation, and when you talk about me alot changes thank you so much God is in you.

  2. When we lift up our hands in worship to God, Yada to Him, we are surrendering ourselves to Him in all that He is, all that He has done (Jesus dying on the cross in our place to give us eternal life) all that He is about to do, especially because of Who He is.  Ha le lu jah, amen and amen :):):)

  3. I’m convinced God has a plan! God is gonna use you’re son in a mighty way!!! My son who is 9 years old couldn’t talk from 1years old until 2 I stayed praying and trusting in Christ! My Son Dj is a worshipper he sings for Jesus!!! I daily pray that God will continue to use him for his purposes my son isn’t ashamed to sing and he praises God , I really enjoy your sermons especially this one regarding praise!!! Blessings to you I share your videos on my daily devotions that God has called me to do!! Blessings, peace, and Love to you and your family and Transformation Church!! All the way from Oakland California

  4. I can relate grew up in church all my life! And was never taught about worship?. I thought it was through singing and just thanking God no matter where you are! And it’s crazy I was brought up in a Methodist church and very different but God has brought me a mighty long way I have to praise him so when people get to looking at me I don’t care only God brought me out of promiscuity! Drug addicted diagnosed with cancer!! To God be the glory and I thank you Pastor Todd for teaching this Definition of Worship with Love!!! Bless you!!!

  5. Not just in his sanctuary but in general no secular music should be playing. That music is does not help build your spirit . I personally still struggle with listening to secular music. Pray for me

  6. The Holy Spirit will lead you to the right place at the right moment to fill your life in mutiple ways. Glory to God for Transformation.

    The greatest thing about Transformation church is that the Lead Pastor spends time teaching topics for more than one day. When you can go through a series and learn everything in steps it brings you closer to understanding. This is a powerful ministry. Glory be to God.

  7. Notes

    Love we love first
    (Love you first then help you)

    It’s not worship if it not love it’s not worship if it’s not expressed
    (You have to express your love for God

    Love have to be expressed
    (Have to be shown in a way)
    Definition to convey (a thought or feeling)
    in words or by gestures and conduct
    (You have to convey in words and conduct when expressing love for god)

    Everybody worship but not everybody worship the right thing (you worship something but not God)