Miles McPherson | – Rock Church – FOX 5 "Kimmie McPherson's battle with depression"


Rock Church is one of San Diego¹s largest churches. Founded in 2000 by Pastor Miles McPherson, former NFL player, the Rock¹s vision is to establish Pervasive Hope throughout San Diego and the world and now has multiple campuses across San Diego county.

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Rock Church The Rock Church is San Diego’s largest church and the 19th largest church in the United States, according to Outreach Magazine's 2014 "100 Largest Churches in America" report. Pastor Miles McPherson, a former NFL player, started Rock Church in 2000.Rock Church Over 15,000 people attend the Rock’s Sunday services across multiple campuses. Rock Church, 2277 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA 92106

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  1. it is nice to hear from a pastor about this.
    I suffer from depression and another mental illness. not too long ago I had a pastor tell me there is no such thing as mental illness… why he would say something so hurtful is beyond me. it cut me deep and has left a wound…

  2. It goes to show that Pastors are regular people like everyone else and also battle lifes situations. We have to pray for one another, seek God for comfort, and turn our lives over to Christ for divine healing.

  3. As a doctor, I want to point out something important that was not touched on very clearly in this interview. There are different types of depression. There is situational depression in which you are depressed from things that happen in your life, such as a death of a family member or another challenging event or circumstance, and this is normal and usually people work past it in time. This type of situational depression is not typically treated with medications. The Pastors daughter has some identity issues in her life that she struggles with, however, most people would not get so severely depressed and have suicidal thoughts for such feelings, unless there is more going on. Her severe and chronic ongoing symptoms and inability to cope with her feelings despite having people that love and care for her indicate that she has clinical depression (there is a more complete list of symptoms and signs doctors look at)which is different than situational depression we all must deal with in our lives. Clinical depression can be hereditary and can occur without a clear or rational reason to be depressed and can be severely debilitating. It occurs despite the fact that she is beautiful and on the face of it her insecurities and feelings seem irrational to someone, like the interviewer implies. Clinical depression occurs when there’s a chemical imbalance in the brain and antidepressant medications help to correct this imbalance. Often counseling along with medications are recommended for clinical depression. Seek medical care if you suspect you or a loved one have clinical depression or have suicidal thoughts. God bless.