Miles McPherson | – Rock Church – Special Guest Tori Kelly

In this message, Pastor Miles interviews singer, songwriter, Tori Kelly, who relays to us her testimony about God in her life and how He is still writing her story.

Rock Church is one of San Diego¹s largest churches. Founded in 2000 by Pastor Miles McPherson, former NFL player, the Rock¹s vision is to establish Pervasive Hope throughout San Diego and the world and now has multiple campuses across San Diego county.

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Rock Church The Rock Church is San Diego’s largest church and the 19th largest church in the United States, according to Outreach Magazine's 2014 "100 Largest Churches in America" report. Pastor Miles McPherson, a former NFL player, started Rock Church in 2000.Rock Church Over 15,000 people attend the Rock’s Sunday services across multiple campuses. Rock Church, 2277 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA 92106

Comment (42)

  1. I love tori soooo much. I love how she is using her voice for the greater good and to make a difference. Her testimony is such a blessing. I love how she is not ashamed to proclaim the name of Jesus. She will definitely go far.

  2. thank you for uploading this video. I've become such a huge fan of Tori and love her so much. I wish there were more artists in the music industry like her. I know there's some but just not enough who believe in God and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I just can't get enough of watching her when she was 18yo singing with Romulo Casta at the Flood Church in San Diego. there's seven videos and my favorite is a cover of, How He Loves. it's such a beautiful and powerful song. I highly recommend watching them if you haven't seen them yet. God bless you all.

  3. Matthew 28:19
    Acts 19:2-6
    These scriptures show that you need to be baptised to be saved. God has overwhelming love for everyone but being baptised is what the bible says is the way to receive forgiveness and the holy spirit as well as being saved.

  4. si yeshua es la salvación, para quienes será.? todo somos reos de nuestros deseos, la verdad es que el eco del mismo nunca sabremos de donde viene, no buscamos su rostro, pero si escuchamos su vos. a la verdad mis ovejas escuchan mi vos, y ni aún los 12 entendieron la realidad de el asunto. este pueblo muere porque le falta conocimiento. 1

  5. quien a creído a nuestro anuncio, y sobre quién se a manifestado el brazo de HASHM, este pueblo oye con sus oído para ser sordos y ven con sus ojos para ser ciegos, pero en un día haré nuevas todas las cosas, porque al buscar en el corazón de estos no encontré a uno que me amara, de todo su corazón

  6. Dude Tori, I think it is incredible that you are doing these appearances. You have always been an inspiration to me ever since I knew you were a Christian. It's a big reason why I am walking closer with God today. Thank you!!

  7. I can really relate to this..I mean i'm not a big shot as she is but what she went through in her life that what we think is failure is just God's way of equipping HIS children to transform into the best they can be.

  8. The fact that she said, "Nothing wrong with working at McDonald's." Makes me love her even more. I hate when people bash other people's jobs. I know people who worked there and they were hard-working and supporting their families. McDonald's employees are not lesser people, but they're bashed all the time.

  9. Watched 3 and half minutes and just kept hearing scripture.. Seemed like more was on its way. I sure wish I could have watched the Tori Kelly interview advertised in the title. Clickbaited by Christians.. Lol.

  10. It’s so sad, that she’s not pointing to a more holy Christian lifestyle…maybe she wasn’t raised in a Bible believing context… The Bible is very clear about this matter – cause it’s says: “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.” Her career is no different just bc she didn’t win the X factor. It was a helping hand from the Lord?! ….She still dresses like the world in mini pants, even though she’s such a natural beauty and could be a smart modern role model for gender equality (men and women serving equally) and Christian values without looking Amish. According to the Bible, Tori ought to be serving in a Church first of all and be under leadership also. She is indeed compromising and she hangs out w people who openly lives as gays and she’s not even warning them about what is awaiting them. We should be willing to risk telling the truth in love, cause Jesus didn’t die for nothing. We owe Him that.