Moving Mountains | – Antichrist Revelation, Spiritual Warfare // Dr Alan Cairns

➤ Speaker(s): Dr. Alan Cairns
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➤ Edited By: Robin Måhl

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Moving Mountains Hi and welcome to MOVING MOUNTAINS! This is a Backup Channel to A&O Productions I Upload videos mostly on the main Channel A&O Productions every single week! The main purpose of this channel is to share the gospel with as many as possible. The content you will see on my channel is very wide, but the frames are simple, JESUS CHRIST and nothing else. Sorry But You Will Not Find The Prosperity Gospel on My Channel But The Gospel of Jesus. I Upload videos mostly on the main Channel A&O Productions Once again thanks for everything and May God bless you all! Peace :) / Robin (Editor at A&O Productions and Moving Moutains) Moving Mountains

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  1. It's amazed how the so called prophets,so called Christians and the so called"chosen few" have no idea what the church really is.nor do they know or will learn that the church has already you think that Jesus is standing on the right hand of power without his body.ll

  2. It is about the message.. Bible will be your guide..but it is your relationship w the Lord that matters…trust every weak area of my life has been exploited .all I have is to move forward..and I am glad for every message even the wrong one… because then my eyes are open.

  3. Never pray to mother Mary. Never except homosexual life Style as being a good thing. But always believe in the only Savior that has saved us and the only way to heaven. Jesus Christ. Only through him we are saved. Any other way is from the devil.

  4. The church no longer follows the One true Yah! He has His own calendar, festivals and in the church the people follow traditions and ways of man. My heart aches because I was deceived and so are many sitting in churches. One day soon, Yeshua will say, I never knew you! I didn’t follow YHWH of the whole bible through Yeshua (we call Jesus over the past 400 years)! I have found out we are to follow Yah through Yeshua! He came for the Lost Sheep and we were ingrafted into the Olive Tree -Israel. Israel is not to join Christianity, those of us who surrender to Yeshua are to join Israel!

  5. You mean the Godhead. The trinity is catholic doctrine and the protestant harlot daughters who follow Rome/Vatican believe in a pagan trinity of a god who is 3 separate persons/ deities. Part of the catholic creed states as folliws: God in three persons, blessed trinity. This is false doctrine. There is only one God. God is the Soul, Jesus is the word made flesh, and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God. We are made in the image of God. We have a fleshly body. We have a Soul and we have a spirit, which is the ruach/ breath that God breathed into us to make us human

  6. Okay to join with the crowd and cast President Trump as being on the same side as Obama or being an Antichrist is infuriating….. you might as well start making ads for the deep state!!!! President Trump is the first president in a VERY along time to allow GOD back into the White House!!! To not see that as a Positive and to b blind to him fighting the corruption in Washington, The "right to try" exec order, Most PrO LIFE President in history, fights against planned parenthood, seeks evangelical counsel constantly, and to ignore all the child sex trafficking rings he's taken down you can't honestly be seeking truth! What's crazy is I wrote out a ton more look down and is deleted….. hmmm seems like my message is being thwarted!!!!! The MSM puts out the narrative and to those who are BLIND they just believe what the MSM which is ran by the evil of this world hands them, and by constantly repeating it I guess some eventually accept it! Sad….. You can't walk the narrow path and also follow the world…. this will be the end of my following this channel! Love y'all GodBless …

  7. I'm sorry but the same President Trump who publicly blessed and honored Israel and God's people on multiple occasions? Which brings me to God's promise of he will bless those who bless Israel. The same president who said that Christianity is the foundation of our nation? The same president who has been surrounded by fellow Christians who have laid their hands on and prayed for? There are pictured of this happening. The same president who is against abortion, LBTG movement and same sex marriage? Plus, while no President Trump is not perfect and he is 100% human. And he will make mistakes like we all do. And no him may not 100% alined with Jesus and his Spirit. I have faith that God can continue to use Trump for good. If God can take Apostle Paul from a life of murder and persecution towards Christians and turn him into a vessel fit for use. Along with how many others. He can do the same with Trump. I will continue to uphold God's command to pray for our leaders. Because as far as I am concerned Trump has shown that he has hope to be changed. As long as he is on the earth he still has hope.

  8. Amen! Thats exactly what he's doing.. False doctrine that sounds good to someone who doesn't know any better but if Jesus Christ is not the foundation of the faith then it will take you straight to Hell

  9. 1corinthians chapter 15 versus 1 through 4 romans chapter 3 versus 23 24 25 romans chapter 10 versus 9 10 13 john chapter 3 versus 16 17 18 ephesians chapter 2 versus 8 9 galatians chapter 2 verse 16 romans chapter 1 verse 16 romans chapter 5 verse 1 romans chapter 5 verse 11