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As you read Romans, you have to see Jesus’ as part of God’s story with Israel—not something that comes in from the outside. N.T. Wright addresses this and other themes in our course Romans Part Two (chapters 6-11). Get your discounted course HERE: [support us]

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  1. Romans 9-11 is about the reconciliation of the diaspora, the ten northern tribes who were scattered among the Gentiles where they were called "no longer my people" in Hosea 1. It is the joining of the two sticks, the house of Jacob and the house of Judah under the new covenant in Christ. The fullness of the Gentiles coming in was fulfilled in the first century, through their reconciliation into Christ. And so all Israel shall be saved. God by offering salvation to the Gentiles, would bring in the lost sheep of the house of Israel.( the remnant within both the house of Judah and the house of Jacob) God always had a remnant which would be saved, throughout history. For the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable. This was all fulfilled at the return of Christ when he came both in judgment and with salvation for the elect remnant at the destruction of Jerusalem in ad 70. The old heavens and earth of the old covenant world of the mosaic law which was growing obsolete and ready to vanish away was destroyed. And the new heavens and earth of the new covenant world of grace in Christ brought in the consummated salvation and reconciliation for all who came to faith in Christ. The promise of the new covenant to the house of Jacob and the house of Judah had come and removed their sin for salvation, that which the Mosaic law could not do. There is no future significance of Israel being brought into a geographical land today in the Middle East pertaining to these promises. The true promised land and the true rest is for all men to be found in Christ for salvation and eternal life. These truths are missed, because of not understanding that the return of Christ was in the destruction of Jerusalem, when all these promises were fulfilled.                Luke 21:20-22 But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know that its desolation is near……… for these are the days of vengeance , in which ALL THINGS WRITTEN would be FULFILLED.