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Discover concrete actions you can take to live out the fullness of being in the image of God, and become an agent for positive change in a broken society.

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We are all engaged in some kind of work, whether it comes with a paycheck or not. Regardless of the kind of work you do, from bussing tables, to taking care of your home and family, to managing a business, chances are you want to find meaning in your endeavors.

In this intriguing online course, Professor N.T. Wright examines a series of Biblical texts that discuss how Christians should consider the work they do.

Recommended for:
• Anyone interested in creating a more meaningful life through Biblical wisdom
• Clergy looking for resources or inspiration to enhance their sermons and other work in the church, as well as their personal ongoing spiritual journey
• Fans of N.T. Wright interested in Professor Wright’s insights on bringing more spirituality to their work life

What knowledge and tools are required:
• A recent translation of the Bible
• A curious mind

What’s included:
• Inspiration and practical tips for living the lifestyle of a true believer in Christ
• Online lectures by N.T. Wright
• Interactive quizzes
• Discussions with others on the same path
• Communication with Prof. Seemuth
• Textbook readings


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  1. Mr Wright there was a dificult age of transition on the first century between the end of the Mosaic covenant and the valid new covenant.
    And this transition came with power when the prophecy of the destruction of the temple became reality.
    And the apostle Peter was still addicted to that covenant of the Sinai mountain, or at least he had not fully understood what the new covenant meant.