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My experiences with bullies left me feeling intimidated, depressed, anxious and sick to my stomach. If you know my personal story, you’ll remember that most grade school days ended with tears and on one occasion led me to a failed suicide attempt. I didn’t tell my parents when I was picked on because I didn’t want to upset them. I thought I could handle it myself, but I was wrong. I should have told [support us] /> As I travel around the world talking to tens of thousands of young people, it is evident that no one is immune from being bullied. This epidemic is not unique to North America. Bullying is a global issue.

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Life Without Limbs It is a great privilege to introduce you to the Life Without Limbs YouTube channel. My name is Nick Vujicic and I was born without arms or legs and given no medical reason for this condition. Faced with countless challenges and obstacles, God has given me the strength to surmount what others might call impossible. Life Without Limbs is all about sharing this same hope and genuine love that I have personally experienced with people all over the globe. It's been said that doors open to a man without arms and legs much more easily than to anyone else, we thank God for providing that privilege. I've been invited into very unexpected places to share about my faith in Jesus Christ and literally millions have responded. We hope you will watch, engage with, and share the videos on our channel! To learn more about the ministry visit

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    Have you been attending church, but never heard about the threshing floor? Or did you just merely think of it as a parable of wheat and chaff? The threshing floor has directly to do with your soul and is being revealed NOW in this age ! It is like CPR to wake you up when you are senseless to sin and it is God's deep love to lead his children into eternal life instead of eternal punishment. Watch to understand the true meaning of the threshing floor. We must receive the eternal gospel, the new covenant proclaimed through the Spirit of Truth to be saved from death while being physically alive!

  2. This is a very powerful inspirational message for everyone who has been disabled in their lives having legs and arms and also for those who are handicapped to get strength and courage to see beauty of life to do good in their lives. Thanks be to God.

  3. Many peoples are getting job western country. BUT inside of Asia have one unique country, here some agents bring process paper for workers & after come they tell in pendemic time no job for foreighner. Its, my unique country.

  4. الأخ العزيز نيك يخلق من الشبه اربعين مثلاً يقال أنت أشبه بلاعب مميز على ما أعتقد لامبارد الإنكليزي رائع أنت الرب الهمك الذكاء والتودد قريب إلى جمهورك الشاب باركم الرب وحفظكم

  5. Las personas que le hacen bulling a otro de verdad que tienen un problema. Y a mi me da tristeza verlos y oro para que encuentren libertad y sanación en sus corazones en Jesucristo. Y para mi también la biblia es el mejor libro que hay. Ahí encuentras el perfecto amor de Dios. Que es Jesucristo

    Did the Bible always seem logical and does it ever make sense? Can you actually understand when reading the Bible? “The Bible is a mystery," and "written in the tongue the language of the kingdom of heaven." The spiritual thoughts must be discerned with spiritual words by interpreting the Bible with the Bible. But all things that were instead taught with the teachings of men are destined to perish with use.