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Pastor Patrick Winfrey Pastor Patrick is a missionary in the Philippines since 2007. He has been a Pastor since 2001. He is also an author. The ministry has 3 orphanages and feeds 1000 street kids per week. There is also an online church: email Pastor Patrick for your prayer needs and if you would like to serve with us. Pastor Patrick will be in the USA for the next 6 months, bringing the revival fire to the country. The email below in the link. Pastor Patrick Winfrey

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  1. Brother this video is an on time WORD from the LORD!! Even Obama said he FEARED Manhattan being hit with DIRTY BOMB! That BLEW my mind and hit my Spirit so hard! Like you I keep trying to PRAY against these rising evil spirits and the state of our nation. Yet I still FEEL like we are doomed. So I've started praying for the Lord to just POUR OUT THAT LATTER DAY RAIN OF THE HOLY GHOST so more people will wake up and SEE the CONDITION of our Nation, and PRAY, REPENT, be SAVED and SAFE in JESUS. IN UPPER ROOM PRAYER time the Lord has started speaking to me through His Word, and in FLASHES I SEE while HEAVINESS in my Heart I JUST CRY SO HARD! I saw the Pope STEPPING FOOT in our LAND. I saw Jesus crying, like He was on His way here and happy but broken hearted for what is to come. Most of what I saw was bad for our nation, but good for the Bride of Christ. Also TODAY God led me to watch a REALLY LONG video, I almost didn't but I felt drawn by the title, and so I watched. I have had doubt and confusion over some things since I became Pentecostal YEARS AGO, and I read the Word CONSTANTLY and PRAYED often. I read things that BOTHERED my Spirit, I didn't understand, I asked my Pastor but he said TIMES CHANGE, But I KNOW GOD DOESN"T CHANGE. So I never got my answer until today. And it's all in the INTERPRETATION and ROOT WORDS of the ORIGINAL LANGUAGE and the HISTORY of the issue, AND THE VEIL WAS LIFTED AND I CRIED FOR MY LOST MARRIAGE, MY KIDS, and IN RELIEF that GOD was TEACHING ME but MAN had TWISTED SCRIPTURE for THEIR OWN DESIRES. I have also heard a lot of Enoch and have that understanding too. Many people don't want to touch other Books, but SOME HELP understand OUR LORD and OUR ENEMY VERY WELL, and Satan doesn't WANT that. However GOD does, so He shows us IF we just SEEK we shall FIND. Sorry for long comment, guess I get carried away about the Lord these days. Much love in Christ, God bless you and your family!

  2. Man, I didn't stop nodding my head thru the entire vid.

    And, thanks for the confirmation re. pre-rapture revival — no major 1, just a small-scale 1 (well, major to each repentant individual). I've said this before: while talking to a neighbor about Jesus & the rapture, the Lord impressed on me that most have already made their choices; and, many who have made the right choice are procrastinating so badly that they may be left behind, anyway. It was pretty strong & clear. So, I've felt for over a yr. that there would be no large-scale revival in the U.S. But, God bless what you're doing to bring it to the small groups & individuals. That's where it's at.  

    BTW, may I recommend the Youtube Derek Prince vid: How to Be Delivered.
    I started deliverance in church, but have been using that vid since then. I believe everyone should watch it, as repentance can sometimes be futile without deliverance.

    God bless you, brother.    

  3. Oh Pastor Patrick, please forgive me because I got a giggle from your informational post set with your video and below your video. This is how I read it: "Darkness has enclosed the Land WHY? Please use our paypal for the orphans." That's definitely one way for God to get your attention about not giving to Him what belongs to Him. Very good video. Thank you for sharing and God bless you and your family. Praying for your ministry.

  4. Amen and Amen brother, l love hearing and talking the deep things in Christ Jesus. The different realms of heaven…..In the book, my favorite Ephesians

    God bless u Patrick your In my prayers

  5. Brother Patrick, I had a dream while on vacation. I was raised up in the air and saw what appeared as missiles coming down over NYC and Chicago with mushroom clouds. I then was brought back to the ground and saw one coming down into the Dallas area and felt myself flying through the air away from the cloud. Then I woke up.

  6. Hey brother Patrick, I know you like myself like Perry Stone go to this video "Mark in the Morning with Perry Stone: 8-14-14" and listen to what he has to say about ISIS, Islam and Revelation. He did a radio interview on 8-14-2014, he always uncovers the most profound of revelations. He exposes things right in front of us, and has such a deep understanding of biblical revelations. I never realized the Palestinian flag has the same exact colors of the 4 horseman of the apocalypse. Palestine is an integral player in the end time prophecies. It totally makes sense. It is very powerful. I promise you will NOT be disappointed!!

  7. Amen…..Amen ….AMEN! I will tell you what I BELIEVE….The book of Enoch and other books that are directly mentioned in the scriptures are VALID! If they were not valid, the Holy Spirit, which inspired all scripture, would have NEVER ALLOWED THESE REFERENCES otherwise. That is why I don't understand when people say, "oh, but we can't believe it as it is "extra" biblical." Now I am talking books that are actually directly mentioned by the actual Hebrew scriptures or Septuigint.There is the Book of Jasher as well as Enoch and one other I think. I also believe that Jewish History is rather accurate, as far as the Macabees history, etc. The Hebrews always were big on recording the entire truth in a lot of their history (at least as much I have researched on actual capture of raw accounts), and they recorded when they were defeated in as much detail as when they were victorious. Many empires did the opposite and wrote their own histories as if it was a bad modern sci fi movie where no matter what happened they were always the winners! You are right about why the Jewish authorities did not want the book of Enoch, it is mind blowing how much it describes Yeshua. Enoch all but calls him by name! (of course he wasn't told the name because if so he would not have been crucified). The more I read the scriptures, the more blown away I get! I see people saying there are discrepancies in the bible, but there really is NONE! It is 100 percent defect free! Every time someone tries to say there is an inconsistency, it is proved to be false, or a mis interpretation. What an amazing story told over so many centuries, with such detail! Just gotta say WOW! God is one amazing author! God Bless and thanks for all you do Pastor Patrick!

  8. Tyou pastor Patrick after then minutes you started to say things I thought of and had the exact thoughts! This is recognized for me about Enoch and demons etc all what you said says to me o was right not that I wanna be no now its awnsered! God bless you and yours! Greetings from the Netherlands!

  9. Recently, you've said you believe that destruction is post rapture. Have you had any new indications of the timing on this? Do you think we'll see part of it? I haven't gotten any answers on this.  

  10. Quick question for you. Have you ever done a study on The Days of Awe? I don't know much but the short study I have started has been very intriguing. That might make a great video if God leads you there.

  11. nazism started in america by american and british eugenicists  during slavery, blacks were bred to be super strong so the confederate south was also into eugenics.  you had jim crow and even the dem and rep parties have nazi like tendencies to them.  to me, conservative hypocrite christians and the other extreme liberal aleister crowely types of do what thy whilt philosopohy are different yet are still satanic.  also, i used to live on long island and i was having horrible dreams for many many years about tsunamis and floods.  my friend says the august storm on long island flooded her apartment but hurricane sandy didn't flood her ironically.  but when i lived there i was having horrible dreams about water!

  12. +Rene Comise   I'm sorry I couldn't find a reply under your comment, so I hope you see this. This is a very good question. I used to say "I rebuke…in the name of Jesus." and believe it was right. I will leave these scriptures with you and let you search out the scriptures with the Holy Spirit for yourself. Reading this in Jude really caused me to pause and search more on this. "Jude 8 In a similar way, these dreamers also defile their flesh, reject the Lord’s authority, and slander his glorious beings. 9 Even the archangel Michael, when he argued with the Devil and fought over the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him. Instead, he said, “May the Lord rebuke you!” 
    "2Peter 9 then the Lord knows how to rescue godly people from their trials and to hold unrighteous people for punishment on the day of judgment, 10 especially those who satisfy their flesh by indulging in its passions and who despise authority. Being bold and arrogant, they are not afraid to slander glorious beings."
    In 2 Corinthians, we find that the apostle Paul is sick because of a demon so he asks God to remove the sickness (2 Cor. 12:7-9). The Lord answers his prayer with a "No" when He says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness” (2 Cor. 12:9). Paul did not rebuke Satan. He prayed.
    Mark 9:25-29 "Jesus' disciples could not cast out the demon but Jesus could do so with a single command. Jesus did not rebuke His disciples and say they had little faith. He did not say they were in sin. He only said they needed to pray and fast".
    James 4:6  “God opposes the arrogant but gives grace to the humble. 7 Therefore, submit yourselves to God. Resist the Devil, and he will run away from you."
    Zechariah 3:2 tells us that it is the Lord who rebukes Satan.
    I will leave you with this thought: The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ" 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. God Bless you in your search for truth.

  13. I had a vivid dream last night of Yale University. I was shone satans throne and various satanic symbols engraved in the courtyard cement and on the buildings. In front of satans throne was his version of a baptism pool. It had fire and water and He was trying to get people to slip in by accident or go in intentionally. Next a cement plaque was shone to me and the word "Horus" was spoken loudly. So loud it woke me up. From a brief search Horus was an Egyptian God of war and protection. He was the son of Isis. Anyone have any interpretations?