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I am a missionary in the Philippines since 2007
we have 4 orphanages (34 kids) and we feed 1000 poor kids each month
Please Join Us Online to see pics and reports of our mission work


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If anybody wants to send things like kids clothes, school supplies, etc to the ministry here, please send them to sister Marie (email me for contact info [email protected][support us]). She has been putting them together into large boxes, then we get a cheap rate to send here. This is her new address below: God Bless to all!

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About The Author

Pastor Patrick Winfrey Pastor Patrick is a missionary in the Philippines since 2007. He has been a Pastor since 2001. He is also an author. The ministry has 3 orphanages and feeds 1000 street kids per week. There is also an online church: email Pastor Patrick for your prayer needs and if you would like to serve with us. Pastor Patrick will be in the USA for the next 6 months, bringing the revival fire to the country. The email below in the link. Pastor Patrick Winfrey

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  1. I pray for the faithful remnant in the Catholic Church and other denominations that fallen away or strayed from the path set before them. You’re beginning to see clergy and laity calling Francis out for his heretical teachings. I hope they continue, but It may be a losing battle. They’re fighting the good faith, but they are outnumbered by the indifferent and often hostile majority.

  2. I look forward to the rapture. Though I have not heard of it from churches I have gone to but rather good preachers like you on YT. Even so, I would like to learn of the order of events for the final days. Sometimes it seems like those nested Russian dolls. Straighten us out.

  3. AMEN. I studied WW2 and the Holocaust in college while working on my History major and I read a book about IBM that said everything you say here. This was the first moment in my own spiritual walk where I can remember feeling disengaged from the world because of what I learned – that most of the American elite and businesses were traitors and Nazi sympathizers. Even though I was a backslider at the time, I didn't want to be a part of the world after learning these things. Most people don't realize how many American companies were sympathetic to the Nazi cause and even actively helped them. Even Franklin Roosevelt, whom the political left lift up as a shining example, isn't totally innocent because he knew the Holocaust was happening and turned a blind eye to it because of his own antisemitism. Lots of Jews from Europe wanted emigrate here to escape the Nazis, but very few were allowed. IBM and Ford are only the more famous examples. And now history is about to repeat itself, and this time it will be a lot worse. Thank God for the rapture and the mercy of the Father to give us all one last chance to fill our oil vessels and save the lost. Also, the name of the Nazi that was assassinated that you mentioned here was Reinhard Heydrich:
    Here's the film you mentioned that you watched on the flight: It's actually very historically accurate, and is good to watch at least once to learn about what happened and what WILL happen again. If people want to watch it, they can rent it for a few dollars and watch it online.