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I am a missionary in the Philippines since 2007
we have 3 orphanages (34 kids) and we feed 1000 poor kids each month
Please Join Us Online to see pics and reports of our mission work


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If anybody wants to send things like kids clothes, school supplies, etc to the ministry here, please send them to sister Pearly Candia Lancero. She has been putting them together into large boxes, then we get a cheap rate to send here. This is her new address below: God Bless to all!

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About The Author

Pastor Patrick Winfrey Pastor Patrick is a missionary in the Philippines since 2007. He has been a Pastor since 2001. He is also an author. The ministry has 3 orphanages and feeds 1000 street kids per week. There is also an online church: email Pastor Patrick for your prayer needs and if you would like to serve with us. Pastor Patrick will be in the USA for the next 6 months, bringing the revival fire to the country. The email below in the link. Pastor Patrick Winfrey

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  1. I will be happy to pray for you. The Lord is always speaking. We just need to learn to listen to His voice. Just surrender your life to Him. Why not get saved? His words are the gospel to the unsaved. Follow me, is what he told people, believe on me. Believe that He died for you and turn from the road your on now, and follow Him on His road.
    Change directions.

  2. Confirmation to your message. I was pondering after your message if the Lord would really turn back His hands and not judge America if they turned back and repented. I was reading someones blog after I woke up from sleep and I found this: lemirecassiedaughterofgod. bl ogspot .co. uk / ….. Go to 2010 archive and click on May.. you'll see – "Sunday, May 30, 2010 Nineveh or Edom?"
    I'll post what was written after this text..

  3. Wonderful message Patrick! At first my thoughts were THOSE people need to repent and call upon The Lord if The Lord is going to spare us, but it is US His people that need to call upon Him to ask Him to heal our nation. It is never too late to call out for a rescue. We should do it until our throats are raw.

  4. While i agree that there are some who are prophets, some who are apostles.. etc, i find sooo many times especially in the penticostal circles – they use these 'offices' to oppress their congregation for sumbission unto themselves instead of unto Christ. Usually turns into power, control and 'the almighty dollar'. Thanks for reminding us that not all hope is necessarily lost – God is always calling us to repentance. God bless.

  5. A few weeks after my 12-yr-old was baptized, she received a powerful dream that freaked her out! She said that she saw the nite sky suddenly turn into day & a orange/yellow "planet" was approaching the sun & she heard a loud, low, deep voice say, "THIS IS THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN!"…& in the dream I was shaking my spouse saying excitedly, "THIS IS IT! IT'S HAPPENING NOW!!" -dream ends-
    She said she woke up with the same feelings that she had in the dream.
    Anybody have interpretation ?

  6. …& it just so happened that this dream occurred on election night (when we were to find out who the new president would be the following day… Obama). I believe the timing of that is significant (possibly to the meaning/message of/in the dream).

  7. Awesome word, brother! Some are quick to say that 2 Chronicles 7:14 no longer applies. I believe the Lord is saying His grace and mercy still abounds! The Lord hasn't closed the door to grace. It's just that the majority of the nation are against God. God is warning us that His righteous judgment will come, if we don't repent! Sadly, although God's mercy is still in play, I believe we are past the point of no return, and in God's foreknowledge, He knows this. He is preparing His bride!