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About The Author

Pastor Patrick Winfrey Pastor Patrick is a missionary in the Philippines since 2007. He has been a Pastor since 2001. He is also an author. The ministry has 3 orphanages and feeds 1000 street kids per week. There is also an online church: email Pastor Patrick for your prayer needs and if you would like to serve with us. Pastor Patrick will be in the USA for the next 6 months, bringing the revival fire to the country. The email below in the link. Pastor Patrick Winfrey

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  1. If they are followers of Christ, and true blossoms for the Kingdom, and they dreamed that Obama is the anti-christ then he is I'm sure.   Maybe not the anti-christ, but related to the anti-christ like the Pope is related to the anti-christ. Both Obama and the Pope may have the antichrist spirit in them.

  2. Who can understand the things that are of Heaven?      I completely agree with you though. How can we be the fruit of the Vine of Jesus Christ if we don't pray for others' salvation or to go out to reel in the fish for the Kingdom?

    Who can understand the things that are of Father?

  3. If you love me, you will obey my commands…..narrow is the path and few will find it. Being in the vine means following in rightousness and humbling yourself. He is faithful to forgive those who humble themselves and seek Him and His kingdom. Forsaking the world completely. Be not double minded! Faith alone without works is dead. When are we going to take His word seriously??? I was completely arrested on these things last week. The Lord showed me how ugly I was/am! I now pray that the rapture isn't soon and I looked for the rapture daily for years. I haven't been bearing fruit for Him, I've been bearing selfish and worldly fruit. He showed me it's an abomination to Him! Please please examine yourselves. Don't be deceived like me! Time is short and that should horrify you…not make pride swell up to thinking you are as rightous as Abraham because a man told you so. Jesus is the only one qualified to judge. Take it to the Lord in prayer! Please!!

  4. I have told people this for a long time on my YT channel! Obama and Francis are a smokescreen! The True AC and the True false prophet are yet to come! I pray for these that have been telling people these lies! They are playing right into the hands of the enemy! Convincing people of the lie the enemy wants us to believe so that when the real AC comes they will believe he is Jesus Christ and be greatly deceived! The GREAT DELUSION or at least, part of it! Even some of the very Elect, are being deceived! We may not agree on some things doctrinally, but I agree with you on this, and hope more people wake up to this fact! It seems what many people want is milk/the baby bottle! Many never growing beyond spiritual infancy by their own volition or through the deceit or distraction of the enemy who wishes to hinder the spiritual growth of the Saints! Meat is what many need, but will NOT receive it, like a picky child who refuses to eat certain foods, or who won't take their medicine because they don't like the taste! But…if they took it and received it, they might be healed, but continue in sickness, because they reject the medicine!

  5. Brother Patrick, how are we supposed to feel about Obama ? I mean he has said he is a Christian, then 'slipped' in his speech & mentioned his 'Muslim faith' ~ I do not believe his 'wife' is a she. I am not hating him, but when someone repeatedly says & does things that make the Truth seem far from him, what are we supposed to think? Still love & respect your work & also am praying for you & your ministry:)) GBY & your family in Christ Yeshua~
    ~Yahnah <3 In Christ

  6. I feel led to speak from my heart,there is a lot of hateful christians,the two words should not go together,I was reading a cnn blog of atheist living among christians and giggled at some comments but never jumped in the argument, watching your video I was reminded of the blog and the Lord said listen to them,what are they saying?They spoke of how hateful christians are,yes a lot of atheist are that way, but are we led by Christ when we badger people with the hell fire slogan, speaking hatefully? I truly believe its written on everyone's heart, and they make their own choice what road they take.You should show love compassion and bless them and pray for them. There are some christians that make all christians  look like clowns, a big three ring circus,because of the foolishness.Where is the love?And there are christians pointing fingers that they are better, have more gifts, are more educated,Is it not in the bible not to bicker amongst ourselves (the church).I see a lot of pride,vanity,etc.there is not a lot of love.People are so rapped up on when is the rapture, when is tribulation, who are chosen, who is not,who it the antichrist,who is the beast,what color is Jesus,who are the jews, come on people.Our ways are not his ways! instead of praying for this person or that person to be fixed maybe you should ask him to show you your reflection,what he sees,and ask him to help you to fix you so you are better prepared to go out in the world,take care 
    God Bless!

  7. Shew preach it Brother. Obama is paving the way, he isn't the one. I have been saying it from the beginning. You are absolutely correct in calling out the false prophets here on YouTube and thank you.

  8. Three words come to mind and stir my soul with this and many of your messages, brother. The Way, Truth and the Life. You speak the eternal message of the word and I pray and thank the Lord, glory be to our Almighty King and Savior. Hallelujah.

  9. Amen, Believers shall lay hands on the sick and cast out demons and they shall recover and you shall be witnesses unto me to all the nations. Preach the gospel, lay hands, and pray…Be humble and have mercy on people, win the lost by going out and showing them the power of the Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is in you and I, Preach repentance and baptize them in water and the Holy Spirit….Chee hooo…God Bless

  10. I here what you are saying some people on here, not going to mention any names but every video they make is always about the rapture and nothing but the rapture, never tells anyone how to get saved just rapture rapture rapture, and another one on here has set one date after another and now says its by June 1, he also said it was going to be by Dec 31st, then by Jan 14th, so yeah what does that tell us,

  11. in NC?? I want to meet up! I am on the NC / SC border! I usually see your videos each day, but I missed this one and maybe another but really hope to meet up. 
    give me a shout if you get time. 
    God Bless, 

  12. Amen to living to bring others to Christ. I used to be one of those who wanted judgement to fall on the wicked and the Rapture yesterday. The Lord is tarrying on His people to do right in compassion and truth. Who am I to want to call down lightning and brimestone…NO!    Jubilee Bible 2000 (JUB) 2 Peter 3:9 ¶ The Lord is not late concerning his promise, as some count lateness, but is patient with us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

  13. Thanks, Pastor Patrick. Good message to help examine myself in God's eye. I long for my Father's return so. It's no escapism. My spirit yearns to be with him. When I first awoke. I searched to and fro because I was in shock how close we are to His soon return.  Stop searching God's people, for we are so very close. You gave me a word awhile back that gave me so much peace. My true fear was missing Him because I feel so unworthy.  You quoted to me in a word Matthew 24:27. "For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."  We are to watch and be ready, (Matthew 24:42) yet  not sit back and wait (Matthew 24:46), but continue doing what he has called us to do to further His Kingdom, And we will know when he returns! Not because the internet tells us, but because he will.  And as for "When?" exactly, Matthew 24 is a good chapter because he repeatedly tells us, "It's not for us to know." That goes against our curious nature, but the signs in Matthew 24 tells us its time to be about our Father's work.

  14. You can be back sliding when you don't expect it. but give your life to Christ when you do that he changes it forever. U give up everything for the Lord because he is worth it. God knows we not perfect and that we will make many mistakes that why he give another chance to confess our sins and asked for forgiveness and accept him completely in your heart and soul an mind. Dont meet God half way but all the way.

  15. Mark 35-36

    For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel's, the same shall save it.


    For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?