Paul Begley | – "Bloody Breathitt" Feudin And Fighting

Pastor Paul Begley’s Mom from hometown Jackson Kentucky “Bloody Breathitt” where many assassinations and fuedin and fighting went on [support us]

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  1. What a precious Mom no wonder we took to you Pastor! With a beautiful Mom like that and a wife like Heidi you will always be on track! The Lord is so good! Praise Jesus CHRIST He has infinite wisdom and mercy!

  2. Wow, Pastor Paul, I didn't know you had family in Jackson!  I used to attend church in Jackson, and my husband's family used to have a little dry-good store in Jackson. I live in the next town over–Beattyville in Lee County, Kentucky! Lol!  My husband used to live in Jackson about 200 ft from the Breathitt Courthouse in an apartment.  He said he used to know some Begley's who took pictures and played music 20 years ago in the area.  I wonder if they were your kin.  We go to Jackson when we want to go to Walmart. God bless!

  3. What a lovely thing to meet your Mum. It was interesting to hear from her about the history of the place and I didn't realise you still had counties which were dry. Amazing. In the countryside here in Britain many of the older folk would make homemade wine, which could be quite strong, but not quite moonshine!

  4. My Brother-n-law grew up there as well. His parents owned the land that Long John Silvers was built on. The Terry family. They actually lived right behind the restaurant. Growing up not far from there, I spent many of summers in Jackson. What a small world!

  5. All of my mother's family live in Menifee County; I looked on a map and Menifee is just two counties away from Breathitt, so same type of situation.  My mother was the only one who left the area, moved to Ohio, met my father and we eventually landed in Florida.  That area of KY is interesting for sure!!

  6. Dear Pastor Paul's Mom I apologize and ask for forgiveness for making my typo error and saying GranMa instead. It is that in my head that I see those Times as being around 200 years ago. Your mum is Beautiful flower of God's youth Pastor Paul and I apologize! and have asked for forgiveness Pastor Paul and Pastor Paul's mum. shuks ! Thank You Jesus!

  7. Prohibition may have escalated the feuds but it was a lot more complicated than that. My grandpa was Dan Deaton and some of the Deaton “clan” who shall remain nameless shot Ned Callahan in his store but it was retaliation for another “killin”. It was basically just revenge killings that went on and on in a vicious cycle since practically the civil war. There were several families involved.