Paul Begley | – Breaking: "Green Power Grid Is Failing" ?





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  1. Hey Paul!

    God warned us through prophet Kim Clement on June 14th 2014 !

    He said this would happen but this is not the end Paul begley !;

    There's getting ready to be a earthquake like the world has never seen in California

    And California and Seattle has volcanoes and I think the hot magma is really getting to a pressure point !!

    And yes Paul Bagley Jesus warned us when we see these things happening this is not the end of time it's the end of an age !

    And yes California and the whole West Coast is going to suffer because of Hollywood California !;
    What did Jesus say if you touch a small child you'd rather wrap millstone around your neck then to face him !;

    And all this human trafficking Paul begley come on Paul we know what's going on the true Patriots of the United States

    And Paul I knew this was coming ever since I was 17 years old I just didn't know when it was coming

    But now I see Paul Bailey praise God praise God things are getting ready to change Paul big time !

    Just hold on brother you're going to see God's glory !

    And a great revival.

  2. Dear Pastor Begley,
    You ask what does all this mean?
    It means it's over for the Daughter Of Babylon. It's not Global Warming! It's not that an enemy is going to launch an EMP attack! I am so tired of the government lies, and you should be too. We all know that it's The Red Dragon of Revelation chapter 12 ( aka Planet X), and the more closer it moves to the earth. The hotter it's going to get and the fires, are going to start breaking out all over the country. You can look for random explosions too, wherever flammable liquids are out in the open, or stored from the extreme heat from the Planet X.

  3. I don't know maybe HARP? it's only 1:38 pm here in spokane valley Washington and it's 102 degrees, never in my 56 years have we experienced this . I'd say our governor Jay Inslee and his buddy Bill Gates are trying to push climate change. People on the other side of spokane had the power turned off, we have 3 dams over here it's all controlled by HARP

  4. Texas's power failure: In a statement provided to Reuters via email, Ed Crooks, vice chairman of Wood Mackenzie’s Americas division (here), said, “The crisis in Texas was not caused by the state’s renewable energy industry.  The largest loss of generation came from gas-fired power plants, with the drop-off from wind farms a long way behind.”

  5. Why don't scientists check into desalination plants. Israel is dessert country and they have desalination plants and have drinking wate, washing water and water for crops livestock and keeping the land green. It even says in the bible that Israel would be green & bloom. God gave those scientists the ideas how to do that. Also we have plenty of ocean water so much California & Florida is sinking. Since this sinking condo in Florida, scientists.say Florida might sink in four years. In bible God started with making ocean first & then land Also say there is water in certain places under ground even. .Also some places have more water than they need. Be neat if they could figure out a wat to transoort that water to other places that are having drought. Have wondered about that for. many years.