Paul Begley | – Breaking "Mass Shooting Gilroy California 3 Dead 15 Wounded”

Multiple mass shooting in California [support us] also [support us] also [support us] also [support us]

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  1. Praise God pastor, I'm glad to see your no longer on the pain medication. I believe as sanctified followers of Christ we should solely rely on him to heal us and if I we lack the faith for this then we must only use natural sources easy our pain or comfort our distress. Good to have you back.

  2. To disarm people keep creating mass shootings to pass more and more gun laws so we the people can not fight back against a tyrannical mind controlling government …. Look at China , look at the world

  3. Latest Gilroy news report… 3 dead, plus shooter also killed by police. Over a dozen injured. There is possibly an accomplice still on the loose. Police checking and investigating.

  4. well well how many times must it happens till they remove these fking weapons …Trumph isnt betther then this terrorist bcz he s suporting that in his own country and other killer countrys ,best example Jamal khashogi and these hilli Billys of Saudi arabia.

  5. It is normal for all people in any country to sometimes disagree on many things especially politics and religion but it is never right to get too angry or to be violent to anyone. Violence and crime is wrong and un-civilized, sinful and against the laws and only hurts people. It is important and has always been a great part of western culture that we have always had and still always need which is for people to be able to disagree with each other but never shoot anyone or be violent to anyone. It is important and not hard to understand to behave properly always and take any of your anger out only on a punching bag or by doing exercise, go for a run.

  6. I come from Poland in my country people haven't gun …only police can have gun …..and we haven't any shouting… America all the time some people shouting other…..why people in America stand up one by one force government to change that