Paul Begley | – Breaking “Strange Screen Appears Ruth Ginsburg Dead" Fox News

Breaking very strange screen appears on Fox News [support us] also [support us] also [support us]

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  1. It’s not like they (Fox News) couldn’t of come up with this graphic at the spare of the moment. So they keep a bunch of these on stand by for other political leaders etc? Sure what ever you say.. Plus wouldn’t that now mean Fox News are part of the Lying MSM? Not that most think they weren’t that is.

  2. If she’s not dead yet, it is certainly an eventuality. It’s weird that this would flash as a background between a commercial and a live show, because screen mockups are typically done on a separate workstation and isolated from live broadcast switchers until needed. Were they looking at the screen to see if it fits and displays OK? Unlikely and unneeded with modern TV equipment. Yup, I think they know something and were sending subliminal messages to the nation, that justice is being served now or very soon. If she dies, Trump will need to act fast to get another SCJ nominated. Scary thought is that Pelosi and crew would try to take out Pense and Trump somehow so that she could become acting POTUS, and then make her own nomination. Maybe Fox pulled it back very quickly and apologized as a cover – to keep Pelosi crew from getting a hyper itchy trigger finger. Trump, be ready with a nominee, and stay safe daily. Pray for his safety.

  3. Because she’s probably about to sometime this year. It’s a pre made graphic so they have it when it does happen and if it doesn’t well you just edit it to the current year it does

  4. I worked for a newspaper, and it’s not uncommon to create death pages of very sick famous people in advance, so when they do pass away you don’t have to scramble to put a piece together. It’s nothing more then that and was shown accidentally for a few seconds which is why they didn’t mention it.

  5. I remember seeing the same thing I think she is dead they probably have the bitch on ice. if the country knew she was dead the people would come unglued knowing Trump was going to get to appoint another judge. fox is giving us a heads up you better get ready. there will be rioting in the streets.

  6. Paul …. How many x s have they shown subliminals ??? Our subconscious has been prepared ! Why? What purpose! Bag of tricks! TV lies! Hi guy! Fiction story! Army general talking to a major! Did u see that? Yes! That is impossible! Frames per second! We have a dummied down society! MIT knows cruising altitude is not take off altitude! Gravity! Physics!!!!!! Indy 500 ???? No car can travel at 400 miles per hour! THE DRIVER WOULD LOOSE control !!!!!!!! WHY DOESNT THE PUBLIC SEE CGI? ( computer generated image) Photoshop! IT MEANS TV LIED!!!!!!!! u know what this means? Dick Cheney is a liar! Bush Jr is a traitor!!!!!!!!! JFK is to nine ii what ____ is to ______!!!!!! Dwight D Eisenhower was correct! Beware of the military industrial complex! If our own go vt was responsible? Would u want to know? YES!!!!!!! What will u do? We must recruit men who are loyal to this nation! We must arrest all those responsible for nine ii! Did laura know? Is she Bush's cia handler! Remember? She had to accompany Bush for the 's TV interview!!! And Cheney held Jr's hand for the senate hearing for nine ii! It means Jr is the weakest link!!!! Who was security for the twin towers! Marvin bush brother to the president!!!! Note! Any pastor preacher! Minister should explain this video A JET hitting a skyscraper! No way a jet wing can slice five eye beams! People are really stupid! Thanks for yr video!!!!! Now call men who stand for Jesus and organize! It means the military is run by a satanic element!!!!!!!! Aquino????? McAllister TV on u tube!

  7. Dnajlion7 Daniel lee on YouTube reported on RBG death in January 2019.. Even showed hearse at her house. Deep state over lapped 3 videos to try to prove she attended a state funeral, body double used, her clerks wrote her laws? She had military tribunal, executed? Media cover up. God will have his vengeance. God wins.