Paul Begley | – Prophetic Sign "Blue Moon 🌙 Halloween Sign" Christ Return

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  1. In the hands of Christ, wickedness can not thrive, and evil has no place.
    Remain steadfast in your Righteous endeavor, but remain always in HIS hands, where wickedness is made to nothing and evil made to shame.

    Love = Light <3

  2. Yehoshua was known as a red crimson Worm in Scripture, not red crimson tide. I know I'm not being hateful or disrespectful when I say that. There is a video on YouTube about that and it is absolutely beautiful!!!! I love the story behind that red crimson worm.

  3. And Paul begley in 2016 everybody thought Russia revealed in the 2016 election they're wrong !!

    What if I told you God intervened in the 2016 election !!!

    and what if I told you God is going to intervene in the 2020 election and the Democrats are going to swear up and down it was Russia !

    You know Paul dangling Kim Clement !

    Mark Taylor Tom Horn and even Pat Robinson see what is coming !

    There's more in America coming and there's war in the middle East coming but you're going to see the spirit of God like you have never seen before Paul Bailey !!

    People better get ready because history is getting ready to repeat itself in 2020 1776 all over again !!!

    Paul begley pray for the people that are in major cities that is going to go through this chaos !!

    Because Paul begley God said there's chaos coming but chaos will not win…
    And the end God will win

  4. The blue moon means Biden will win the Presidential election. We recieved this message from Our Father Yahweh in 2016. I know that other Christians recieved this message . These decisions are from God is part of the last hour. My hope is that pastors don’t wait to the midnight hour to prepare our Christian family for this change over! Amen

  5. Hey Paul, you wouldn't believe how many massive Piles of wood are laying everywhere from this last freezing rain storm we had here in OK, supposedly 640+ square miles were effected, so much firewood laying everywhere in huge pieces, there's so much people don't know what to do with it all, seriously.

    People are in shock over it, and many are still without power.

    There's enough wood around, folks from out of town could even come collect some of this harvest, nobody would mind id assume, people seemed talkative when I went out gathering some. (Tip for anyone looking for extra resources in the near vicinity, tons of wood around).

  6. You claim that the Full Hunters Moon on Halloween is a sign that Christ will return and your wearing All Black like a Witch. Yeah I'm not even going say what your really saying, but I know Symbolism when I see it !

  7. And a terrible realization this week occurred: that "maga" is the Italian word for witch or female sorcerer. Many are wearing these hats. Father YHWH in Heaven, forgive, for we do not always realize what we are doing.

  8. Now that Satan has lost the battle in heaven he will now come to earth in the form of a man. During hitlers reign he had the throne of Satan in Berlin that was , I think, was brought in from p ergama, sorry wrong spelling. Then he came into possession of the gates of Ishtar, we all know that the anti christ will not be of middle eastern decent for many reasons. One being that the anti christ will be a great leader. Right now the two most powerful nations in Europe are Germany first and then France. I can’t believe that any Arab nation could be a world leader. Because the one thing that they hate more than isreal is each other. Now the German federal election is in 2021 around august to September and since we won’t be around th see the man who wins will be gone in less than one year. Just an option and not date setting

  9. Repent from your sins and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Seek God in his word..