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Hello beloved!
Just checking on you. I hope nobody looked for your trouble [support us] /> Be on the look out for the continuation of the video ‘Reasons why People talk against others.’ at 9:00PM tonight. Blessings

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Dr Pastor Paul Enenche Dr Pastor Paul Enenche

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  1. Thank you all for the warm greeting, blessings to you all I love the music and teachings that you have been given to share with us by The Most High May he continually increase in you and your family I am so thankful for you all and how you all edify the kingdom of The Most High and again thanks for the greeting it brought joy in my heart

  2. Thank you checking in.
    Some people in my workplace have been looking for my trouble;
    by making all sorts of unfounded allegations against me and denied me my statutory rights etc.
    I have reported them my Heavenly Father and have asked Him to intervene , fight for me and to vindicate me in Jesus name, Amen

  3. Oh wow Pastor and Ma’am, you actually got me on this one. The connection is real, seeing your other sides is super exciting, and that actually cracked me up really hard. Please more of this kind of clips ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Hmn people that troubled me even when i have not troubled them;Taja,Sebastian ,oh God who frustrates the tokens of liars and makes diviners mad ,frustrates every lie and every evil this two have undertaken against me,expose their wrongdoings today in Jesus Name and vindicate me speedily Lord in Jesus Name.

  5. Thank you daddy for checking on me a day ago. God bless you, bless your your family and bless your ministries to eternity in Jesus' Name.
    Daddy and Mummy and the entire family, me and my family loves you all with the love of Christ.

  6. CAUTION: We will never ask you to donate any money to any charity or foundation or orphanage. Please be wise. Report every account that attempts to defraud you by asking you to do the above. They are fraudulent people who will receive Divine Judgement in no time. God bless you.