Paul Enenche | – WASTED ON YOU – Dr Paul Enenche

Service Extract Live from Dunamis Arena, Area 1, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria
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1/3 People say I waste my life
Because I am serving You
They say that I waste my time
Because I worship You Lord

I’ll waste my life again and again
On You, on You
There is profit in being wasted Lord
On You, on You
What a good way to be wasted Lord
On You, on You
What a good way to be wasted Lord
On You, on You

2/3 Like the Alabaster box
I pour out my all for You
Though some may think that’s a waste
I’m glad to waste me on You

3/3 I sowed my life in Your field
They said I have lost my mind
But the yield of serving You
Spans time through eternity.

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Dr Pastor Paul Enenche Dr Pastor Paul Enenche

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  1. I was reading and listening to negative comments about this man God , I went on to research and my heart was still and was at peace . I was convinced he is a man of God . And then I listened to all this songs and I was more than convinced . So powerful and drawing me straight into Gods presence . God bless you sir

  2. I have been reluctant to listen to this worship because I am still digesting the intensity of "LET ME WANT WHAT YOU WANT". This morning I felt it was time to listen but now I realize it is time not to listen but engage and recommit myself again. I have been laughed at and belittled because of desiring to serve God. But I could't help myself but throw myself back into serving in the Kingdom. I'M READY TO WASTE MORE MORE OF MY LIFE ON YOU LORD – AGAIN & AGAIN.