Paul Enenche | – YOUR THRONE IS ESTABLISHED – Dr Paul Enenche

Service Extract Live from Dunamis Arena, Area 1, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria
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1/3 Oh Most Holy God
King of the whole earth
Your reign is forever
Thou God of all flesh

Your Throne is established
Oh Ancient of days
Your years have no end Lord
Oh King of all kings
So we lay our crowns down
Before Your Feet Lord
For You own all glory
In Heaven and earth

2/3 Every knee must bow
Before Your Throne Lord
Every tongue must confess
That You are the Lord

3/3 In Heaven above
There’s no god like You
And in the earth below
No god besides You

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Dr Pastor Paul Enenche Dr Pastor Paul Enenche

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  1. Oh most holy God, king of the whole earth, your rein is forever thou God of all flesh. Father thank Lord for the privilege to know, stimulate me oh my heavenly father to serve you forever in Jesus mighty name amen. Papa thank you sir, for all the songs you bless us with, may God continue to empower and strengthen you and your family in Jesus mighty name amen.

  2. I got a new revelation of this song during the morning dew service at the Glory dome on 29.11.19. The gentleman from Port Harcourt sung the song with such passion and power of God that I couldn't contain myself in the worship of God Almighty!!! I wept uncontrollably as I worshipped the Ancient of Days. I was watching online and I was so blessed by God during the ministration. More Grace to you Daddy Paul Enenche as you receive more of such powerful songs that Worship the MOST HIGH GOD!

  3. This is my best song, I love my heavenly father, I love you and your family my spiritual parent Dr. Pastor Paul and Becky Enenche, God bless and preserve you, may your oil never run dry, wish you heaven at last in Jesus name. Amen