Premier On Demand | – Black Panther cast on faith and parents’ reactions to acting careers

Lady T sits down with Letitia Wright and Daniel Kaluuya to discuss the new Black Panther film, faith, and their acting careers to date.


Premier exists to enable people to put their Faith at the heart of daily life and bring Christ to their communities. We support people on their faith journey and help them put their faith into action by providing spiritual nourishment and resources.

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Premier On Demand Our mission is to enable people to put their faith at the heart of daily life and to bring Christ to their communities.

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Comment (36)

  1. Very typical of some black parents, especially some from the Caribbean, not having the faith that their children can do any job their white counterparts are doing and better. Always give your children the space to grow, also encourage and support them in their endeavours. Parents should not try to live the careers they wanted through their children, let them make up their own minds about the career they want. Remember failure is a good thing it should make them hungrier for what they want to achieve. Great interview.

  2. i understanddddd, i told my mother i wanted to be an actress, she said "in what way?? come don't go and waste your life oh! you haven't even started taking care of me and your father by cooking food for us, yet you're saying you want to be poor and live a hopeless life???!!! no, no, no, no, no. this is the devil, don't worry we'll go for deliverance." exactly this, i will never forget this.

  3. If you want to watch an awesome super hero movie with way more Christian themes, youve probably already seen it, but watch it again and tell me that Wonder Woman isn't filled with Christian Themes and isn't a great jumpstarter for conversation about the Gospel and Jesus Christ!?!? I loved it!

  4. Everybody is christian but truly God doesn't recognize them because they still entangle themselves with the things of this world, Letitia Wright needs to to trace her way back to God, because God cannot change for any man, God doesn't led people to go into things that doesn't glorify him. Maybe in her ignorance she was deceived by the devil into thinking that going back to starr in a demonic movie that doesn't Glorify God was God's idea. God is not mocked, she should repent and come back to God and stop misleading people

  5. Honest question here.
    Why as Christians do they play in movies that promote talking to the dead (ancestors), witchcraft/shamanism, demon possession (the spirit of the black panther), and the black panther is the god (with a Lowercase g…) bast who gave them the power. Aka not Yahweh but another “god.” Sounds pretty blasphemous to me and antiGod.
    Honestly wondering.

  6. I'm so happy for her. How many of us wish we were guided through our life with the voice of our father directing our every move? I want our heavenly father to do something like this with me badly.

  7. When will Black parents realise that not every kid can be a Doctor or lawyer. The Arts and sports are all good otherwise we would not have the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Serena, Kobe, Usain, Beyoncé, Simone Biles, Viola, Denzel, Tupac, MJ, Prince, Chadwick, the list is endless.