Premier On Demand | – Is Jesus just a myth? …in 90 seconds!

This 90 second answer from Glen Scrivener was brought to you by Premier Christianity, the UK’s leading Christian magazine.

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Premier On Demand Our mission is to enable people to put their faith at the heart of daily life and to bring Christ to their communities.

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  1. The church was feeding me so much bull I was forced to leave that religion. I have gone to the only religion that could make sense or be logical. I now follow the great spirit…… with the great spirit there is no book there is no lies there are nobody trying to feed me “thank the lord crap” I was Baptized but i never really felt god. If Jesus was real pretty sure he wouldn’t of handed me dog shit sense birth sorry but not sorry, that whole religion makes people angry they claim the “lord” will help but The “lord” doesn’t do shit. His ideology goes against logic. Believing in Jesus is like believing Zeus is mad when it storms out….. not only that but it’s a proven fact the Bible was wrote by a human who had controlling issues HE WANTED TO CONTROL PEOPLE THAT IS WHY WE KNOW JESUS NAME. Telling people any other reason is not only disrespectful but sick… that fact we live in the 20th century and you still believe this isn’t the case is very ignorant and belligerent. If you’re going to follow God make sure that that God wasn’t invented to control people it’s not that hard to figure out the reasons I’m not even 20 years old and I already left that dumb ass religion. I went to this church thing they had at my school every day. He still didn’t do shit. Matter fact I didn’t even feel it. When I go into a church I feel emptiness. ( I had to grow up quick. By the time I was 12 I thought like I was 20) I remember doing a Christmas play at this church when I was in elementary school, I remember at looking at the audience and thinking “ these people really believe this nonsense” I don’t know if it’s because god handed me dog shit sense I was born or if everyone in elementary school felt like this but all I know is is brought closer and closer to realizing the truth. They don’t want you to know the truth because as soon as you do your gonna be like “ alright so I only got this little bit of time in life. The govt are forcing me to live in poverty while the rich say “all you gotta do is get a job “ when the rich got there money from mommy and daddy. Now if I die and it’s nothing but blank you really think I’m gonna sit here for the rest of my life in poverty no chance of escape ? No I’m gonna get the riches how ever I can. If you look almost every rich family/corporation DIDNT get rich from just robbing people. They got rich by taking stealing and killing. What happens when you got a bunch of hazardous waste ? You know how much it cost to get rid of that ? Big corporations dumped it into rivers oceans etc they still never paid yet the kids they had never had to work a day in there life’s. If god was real he wouldn’t let these scums do this sense virtually the beginning of earth. Wake up people

  2. All religions are a hoax, there is no compelling historical evidence for Jesus, myth making was commonplace two thousand years ago, there isn't expert agreement on an historical Jesus. This guy is another fine example of a deluded being. There are lots of them about.

  3. The question isn't about yeshua actually existing it's was he some divine bring that he was made out to be. I mean my personal opinion they changed up the word of god to fit their own narrative. I mean the countless passages encouraging slavery and telling the slaves to fear their masters like you fear god. Ehhhhhh that doesn't sit well with me. Saying it's fine to kill women, men, babies, goat, and cow, you can cut off a woman's hand with no remorse lol. Nah those aren't the things I see a just god saying lol.