Premier On Demand | – Letitia Wright – I quit acting for Christ // Premier Gospel

BAFTA breakthrough British actress Letitia Wright, talks about forfeiting are greatest passion, for Christ.

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Comment (37)

  1. Everybody is christian but truly God doesn't recognize them because they still entangle themselves with the things of this world, Letitia Wright needs to to trace her way back to God, because God cannot change for any man, God doesn't led people to go into things that doesn't glorify him. Maybe in her ignorance she was deceived by the devil into thinking that going back to starr in a demonic movie that doesn't Glorify God was God's idea. God is not mocked, she should repent and come back to God and stop misleading people

  2. What A testimony Ms Wright of your commitment to God !! I admire your bravery and May God continue to bless you and open up the windows of heaven and pour you our many many blessings !! Stay with the Lord because in Times like these We need a Savior and lost souls need to be Saved !! Let your light shine Letitia !!