Premier On Demand | – Sunday Night Live for Sea Sunday

This week on Sunday Night Live with Pam Rhodes its Sea [support us] /> • The travels and trials of the seafarer, past and [support us] /> • How trains and boats and planes can help spread the Gospel message
• The determined young man born with cerebral palsy, but still flying high
• And Thomas the Tank Engine is 75 years old
All this weekend on Sunday Night Live

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  1. So proud of my brother Lee and all that he has achieved. He will continue to be an excellent ambassador for the church and I am sure he will help lead many to God as his ministry and the Rockhaven Trust continues to grow.

  2. Another interesting and encouraging programme – as they are every week. Inspiring people and the opportunity to learn about individuals, projects and charities that are working to demonstrate the love of Jesus and extend His Kingdom. Thank you!