R.C. Sproul | – What is the difference between sin, transgression, and iniquity?

From falling short of the mark to crossing the line, the Bible describes sin in a multitude of ways. In this video from one of our live events, R.C. Sproul and Sinclair Ferguson call attention to the only One who is able to pay our immeasurable debt before God.

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  1. RC always sticks to the scriptures which I love ♥️
    In Christ alone are we saved. "Christ is the treasury of merit", nothing more to be said. Also, sin, transgression, iniquity are all disobedience to God, no matter how you define each word.

  2. Jesus is the treasury of merit, nothing can be added to or subtracted from that treasury. That so succinctly summarizes the gospel and at the same time all the problems that false religions present in trying to get people to believe that Jesus isn't enough.

  3. I love the Lord Jesus but no one ever adequately explains how we are responsible for sin we were born with. We didn't create ourselves. We didn't choose anything or else God isn't sovereign. God chose to create people He knew He was sending to hell. Instead of getting mad just understand created beings being responsible for anything is ludicrous in light of God's sovereignty. Nothing makes sense and you know it.

  4. iniquity is the natural bent we have towards selfishness. Just as a baby desires what it wants when it wants it, so we find ourselves in iniquity when we blindly find ourselves doing those base desires that we have in our nature. Sin is when we try to hit the mark but miss. Transgression is when we avoid hitting the mark on purpose and rebel.

  5. If You got the 3 stooges drunk out of their mind and smashed them all into 1 massive idiot, You are looking at 6 of them. Before You cry to Me, look at what they are wearing… They are all "federal" employees. One with wisdom, knows what the word "federal" means.

  6. I will admit that I am not a theological scholar, but I have always understood "sin" as what we inherited from Adam, the fallen state of man. Trespasses as our offenses against our fellow man or the breaking of the last six commandments. And iniquity as the sins of our mind and our flesh, or the commission of sowing to our fleshly nature, (lust, greed, gluttony, wrath, profanity and so on).

  7. If you people think you can sin and be in the spirit you are deceived like these false teachers with their fake concepts R C loves to quote that heritic Martin Luther who was a vile man . Who hated Jews . Look it up for yourself and another heritic John Calvin who murdered Michael servetis because he believed in infant baptism. Burn't him at the stake he did is that loving your enemy

  8. Why they are not citing the bible for reference. Clearly, sin, transgression and iniquity are different as explained in the bible. They just speak their own conscience.

    Ambiguous answers.

    Psalm 5:4 God hates all workers of iniquity.

  9. The 2nd and last man that shared, spoke truth as it's written in kjv I read. Blessed is the lord that worketh in the hearts and spirit of this man that cleave unto the holy god of Israel. Peace abounds in this man that is always surrounded by enemies of God. Jesus loves you sir.