R.C. Sproul | – Why Might a Christian Still Feel Guilty for Sin?

In this video, Augustus Nicodemus Lopes explains why a Christian may continue to feel guilty for sin.

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  1. Feeling guilty (blameworthy) is a part of a person's walk of sanctification, as a child of God. This guilt is a part of the growing realisation of the greatness of the cost paid @ Calvary for his/her redemption. The more that realisation grows, the more does the recognition of even the "smallest" of sins in the believers life also grows. This recognition creates a guilt that comes out of the feeling of not being able to respond to the love of God @ Calvary. This feeling of guilt in the believer's life leads to more love towards the Savior & a heightened desire to do the things that please Him.
    This is what Paul talks about in 1 Tim 1:15.

    The feeling of guilt as experienced by Judas though is one that comes out of an unregenerate (unsaved) heart.

  2. I'm struggling with a certain sin, a type of addiction and I always beat myself up when I succumb to temptation…I have a broken and contrite heart, I hate the sin! Will God still forgive me?

  3. Pastor Lopes is a fine addition to this series of short commentaries. His articles in Tabletalk always have been solid and helpful. An excellent and needed voice in the Ligonier family!

  4. If God is in control of everything then how is a person responsible for sin? Is God sovereign or is man sovereign? God elects His own before the foundation of the world which implies He also makes people knowing they're not elect. Why should we feel responsible for anything when He is all powerful?

  5. No doubt there is no condemnation,… from God,….. but we still know we are sinners and that conviction is always there so that we therefore continually look to Christ to see Him as the propitiation FOR the sin we know we are guilty of,.. so that we can trust that we are able to approach the Throne of God in Prayer with a proper belief that our Justification is from His Son,….

  6. I have repented of all my sins five years ago, come September, that means all ! Now and then my past sins come back to haunt me , even though I have fully repented and have been forgiven .FOR God is merciful to repentant soul. I look back and see the sinfulness of my past sins. Watch Mike Desario teaching on U-Tube. Best bible teacher out there!

  7. This kind of remorse is far, far better than having a cavalier attitude toward sin. It shows godly sorrow (regretting that you committed the crime) instead of worldly sorrow (regretting that you got caught). See II Corinthians 7:10.

  8. Guilt is a powerful emotion, it's one of Christianity's strongest oppressors. When a person realizes that there is no good reason to believe in god, sin becomes irrelevant and humans become responsible to each other only. Christianity is a poison; once you rid it from your mind, you'll find that you can begin to heal.

  9. To many believers don’t have a true understanding of what Jesus did for them. They are always working daily for salvation. They do feel guilty of their sins. If you are a believer. You cannot sin. But you do sin. But as a child of God. He doesn’t hold those sins against you. You are forgiven. You sin less once you become a believer. You are being sanctified. You will struggle and stumble. Walk in the spirit. As a believer, your salvation is secure. That’s different from being sanctified. That takes a life time. You won’t be fully sanctified until you are with Him. Praise Jesus.