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12/19/17 edition of Ask the Theologian – Do you recommend E.W. Bullinger’s books?

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  1. Bullinger started out as an Anglican, but he was independent in that he was willing to follow the word of God wherever it led him. He was over the Trinitarian Bible Society for many years. He was Mid-Acts in his dispensationalism until about 1906 when he began to teach the Acts 28 position. He died in 1913, so he was only Acts 28 for about 7 years of his long ministry. He certainly had some views that I disagree with (on death for example), but his books are definitely worth having and reading. His commentary on Revelation is the best that I have ever seen, and How to Enjoy the Bible is a must have for every dispensational library. He edited the Things to Come Journal, which is a goldmine (but it is hard to find these days).

  2. Thanks for the evaluation of E. W. Bullinger's work. I personally started out on a Old Scofield Reference Bible in 1977 when in my late teens, but became a Historic Premillenialist a dozen years later, though many of my friends are still Classic Dispensationalists. Still, I find Bullinger's work to be excellent. So, I use his Companion Bible as well as my favorite, the KJV Thompson Chain Reference Bible.

    I thought Bullinger started out as an Anglican, but perhaps later he became a Congregationalist like C. I. Scofield, though I really don't know that much about the life of Bullinger. I heard he came to disbelieve in the Trinity near the end of his life.

  3. have been using companion bible since 2005 and have never seen any other comprehensive -enlightening bible like it, i really like his books though some are deep but i enjoy his bible studies…Thanks to my Pastor who made me know more about bullinger writtings.

  4. Thank you so much for your talk on Dr E W Bullinger. I'm thrilled to hear you tell what a brilliant scholar he was. I'm saddened that some dispensationalists leaders reject him, showing that they surely have not read his notes and books. I started reading My Companion Bible in 2011, and have been amazed at his writings on major doctrines such as the resurrection, death, and hell, and how he scripturally makes the case that the church still holds to the traditions of men on those doctrines passed down from hundreds of years ago. He doesn't tell his readers what to believe, but presents such amazing scholarly research that I wonder how anyone can dispute with him. I greatly admire Dr Bullinger, and I wish he had the respect he deserves. Thank you for expressing your zeal for people studying with him.

  5. The Companion Bible by E.W. Bullinger is the best bible study bible ever written for a student of God's Word. It's the only study bible recommended by the Shepherd's Chapel and the only one written by a true Christian biblical scholar. Enough said.