Randy White | – Ephesians: Precision Thinking for Accurate Theology | Session 1

Dr. Randy White teaches about the mystery unveiled to the Apostle Paul through the book of Ephesians. Today’s session begins in Ephesians [support us] /> Download the outline here: [support us]

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  1. Thank you for your in-depth teaching. I have heard this exact teaching from Andrew Farley: you are not on your own as he too emphasises the different groups being addressed. I have gained a lot more clarity from listening to your teaching here on YouTube. Kind Regards from New Zealand

  2. The called out ones, that's all of us who believe in Christ Jesus.
    Ridiculous to believe saints refers to only 1st century believers.
    All of us who believe in Christ Jesus are called out.
    I don't mind someone accusing me of being like everybody else as long as I am faithful as a biblicist to the Word of God.