Randy White | – How To Study Your Bible | Session 1 | Dr. Randy White

Join us on a new journey of learning how to learn the Bible! This informative series will be great for pastors, teachers, and Christians of all walks of life. This session covers important principles to Bible study.

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  1. Dr White you make the point that the dispensation of Grace begins in the book of Acts and I imagine with Acts 2 on Pentecost. However wasn’t Jesus who brought the ministry of Grace and Truth vs Moses and the Law the beginning of the dispensation of Grace? It has to begin with Jesus and the New Testament as it’s just that a New Covenant?
    Also you make the point that Christian living can only be gotten from the Epistles and not from the Old Testament however several references in Proverbs, for instance, talks about the Poor and the treatment of them with implied promises afforded to those who obey. To make such a specific assertion that we can’t learn Christian behavior from the Old Testament is just in accurate in my humble opinion

  2. (A) Excellent Thank You Watch again
    (A2) In 1st 1/2 hour, Randy list about 5 books you must have to stiudy the Bible. Most if not all are available online for free. The list includes
    1), xxx
    2), xxx etc
    (A3) Starts/Ends =. Xxxx/yyyy
    (B) 1st time (4/2/20) : Done