Randy White | – Peter and the Keys – Matthew 16:19, Isaiah 22:22

What does it mean that Peter was given the Keys to the Kingdom? Was this prophesied in Isaiah 23:22-25? Where are the keys now?

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  1. John played hands on them also..all the Apostles were going to many and the Spirit dwelt amongst all believers in many regions..Peter was not the only one doing these things…If Peter was then the peg increasing the Jewish believers in Jerusalem then you must remain with the claim Mr white that is was then these same believers were then deleted. The truth about this time period is also the Jews that were in Jerusalem that did not accept Christ would be the peg the Words of Isaiah were prophesying..not the believers but the unbelievers….You cannot use Isaiah 22:22 in the case you just purposed..You have actually contradicted your own example….Peter is not the first Pope and also you skim right over John as a participant in the very same act..all Who are Born from Above are given the Spirit ..and it is not always by the laying on of hands..the first believers in Jerusalem were told to go to Jerusalem and wait..

  2. When teaching and learning for self we need to ask for true understanding in Jesus name. God words is true all by itself, the answer you need is right in the reading. people need to understand what bind and loose mean, not your thoughts and feelings but God's word sir. God has given all His children the keys to cancel what the enemy wants to do to us and send us through, in the name of Jesus I/we can bind the devil from trying to destroy self and others, I/we can bind evil from trying to make us feel less than and then in the name of Jesus I/we loose peace in our homes through prayer and living for God, I/we can loose peace over our minds and not listen to the Lie of the enemy. We can loose healing, Joy, Kindness, Growth in many areas and so, and so on… There is no limt on what we can do as long as it is the will of God, we trust and wait on his timing as we place key/prayer in the door to open. Jesus gave us the keys through the Holy Spirit, prayer, and faith in His name.

    Have a good day sir and I pray that this will help someone understand that if you or living for the living God then you have the keys, you just have to use them for self and others, in Jesus name.

  3. The keys are in 2 Peter chapter 1.faith open up virtue .virtue open up knowledge. Knowledge open up self control. Self control open up patience. Patience open up godliness. Godliness open up brotherly kindness. Brotherly kindness open up love. Please do you research on this PLEASE

  4. This is wrong but, but good try. Peter was giving the keys to the kingdom, because he was the one, on the day of Pentecost, to tell them how to gain entry into the kingdom. He gave those keys in Acts 2:38. It’s the same thing Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3:5.

  5. You are a great speaker. Very motivating.
    But you make a specific question and then give a general proof.
    You ask did Peter singuarly get the keys to the kingdom and the show John and Peter BOTH demonstrating they have power.
    But then say it is evidence that Peter alone has the keys.
    Likewise you ask was Peter given the keys then give an example of Peter AND the Apostles doing something and then again claim this is exclusive proof that Peter alone has the keys.
    I am not nececarily disagreeing with your conclusion. But I don't see how you can logically come to the conclusion you do based on the reasoning you cite. I.E. John and Peter demonstrating THEY have access to the Kingdom does not equate to Peter ALONE having the Keys.

  6. Do not matter what the people say only matter God and his son Jesus Christ and Jesus give the keys to Peter. Whether you like it or not that is the truth. So many people change it around to fit their beliefs in order to have their lives that way they live.