Randy White | – The book of Romans | Session 29 | Romans 9:18-29

Dr. Randy White teaches Romans, verse-by-verse. This session covers Romans 9:18-29.



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  1. Wow!!! That was Excellent! Thank you! Pastor Randy White!! of course I will finish off with a question and some thoughts. The Vessels of Wrath are they the ones that are hated? God seems to do sibling swaps along with bride swaps as in the case of Jacob loving Rachel and hating Leah? Rachel being the beloved and youngest but chosen first. Leah being the oldest, Laban deceiving Jacob switched the brides, Jacob having to work another week for Rachel, then served another week after he received her as his Beloved. Leah's youngest is Judah prior to Rachel buying the mandrakes of Leah's first born son Reuben for a night with Jacob then giving birth to 3 more children. Rachel after this birthed Joseph and Benjamin. From reading this story…..does the Reconciliation have possibly more to do with Israel, then we the ethnos….are grafted in thru circumcision of the Spirit, not of the flesh. The two Falls, and the Two Saul's. Another question? Joseph gave Benjamin more than the rest of his brother's. Is it possible that Grace is the "MORE" our Gospel was to make Israel Jealous, like Rachel being jealous of Leah the weak eyed bride, aren't we in type a Leah? Apostle Paul suffered an Eye issue do to being blinded for 3days. Also like Saul of Old, he too suffered a messenger of Satan to buffet him due to the visit to heaven and his revelations entrusted to him. The Kingdom was tore of Saul of Old, but thru Christ and the choosing of Saul the Benjamite is it not restored thru the Promise?