Randy White | – The Freedom of the Pulpit: An Essential Right

Dr. Randy White of First Baptist Church of Katy, TX makes four commitments to his church regarding pulpit freedom. This sermon is in response to Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s subpoena of five Houston area Pastor’s ministry materials.

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  1. So .. .  the Puritans – who wee escaping the "state church" of England brought the "state church" with them???  

    If the City of Houston had not been sued – the pastors would hav not ahd to deal with the subpoenas.

  2. Thank you Dr. White for speaking the truth in strength and clarity.  It is past time for the ministers of this country to either speak the truth of the Bible, defend the 1st amendment right to religious freedom or, in my opinion, get out of the pulpit. Christian churches are supposed to make a positive difference in the morality of a society, not be a Sunday morning social club.

  3. Thank you, That is what I am saying all along, as the church we need to stand up for ALL RIGHTS that is God given. Call what is sin and hate, what is love and Gods love for all.
    the people that is calling for the sermon note and tapes is over stepping, I call Houston Mayor Annise Parker to resign from the position immediate, and or the people of Houston to have a recall vote.

  4. I wonder what the Apostle Paul would do if he was here?  I myself am a pastor and as for me and my house we WILL serve the Lord.  The Lord tells me what to preach and I WILL preach what He says and nobody else.  I will stand before God someday and not anybody else.  I am no ashamed of the gospel and therefore I WILL PREACH THE WORD!
    Pastor Ed.