Randy White | – Understanding Dispensations – Session 2 – The Command to Divide | Dr. Randy White

Dr. Randy White explains the Biblical imperative to “rightly divide the Word of truth.” What does this mean, and where are we supposed to divide? What happens if we don’t divide?

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  1. Can i download these as MP3 so i can share them please – do you have a website, is it possible? thanks you sooo sooooo much for your faithfulness in the Body of Christ to teach God's word the way it was intended.

  2. I am listening through @RandyWhite series on dispensation, making note of where he disagrees with @BobEnyart on the same topic. I am up to the second video so far and the first significant difference I have heard was that Randy does not believe that making distinctions between ceremonial and moral law for Israel is biblical 26:00, I am sure there will be others. I really!!! wish these two guys would have a private phone call and discuss their differences. I think they are both great. But i learned dispensation from @BobEnyart and so far I do prefer his nuances on the subject.

  3. Galatians 3 clearly says that the covenant was made with Abraham and to his offspring singular*, not plural. It was made with Abraham and Jesus, not the Jews. The only way someone can come to be an heir of the promises of the Abrahamic covenant is by being a child of Abraham. Who are the children of Abraham? Romans 2 says it's those who obey the Law, regardless of circumcision. Romans 4 says it's those who believe, regardless of ethnicity. Galatians 3 says it's those who are in Christ, regardless of ethnicity. Those are the children of Abraham, heirs of the covenant. They are believers, *not ethnic Jews.

  4. How has God blessed America since 111948? I thought God blesses those who bless Israel? So have things gotten better since we established the current state of Israel? Is this a sign of God's divintiy? Or is it a result of Rothchild money?