Ravi Zacharias | – Ravi Zacharias: True Love in a Time of Crisis

Introducing #TheSaturdaySession: Each Saturday, one of our speakers will offer an extended message of reflection, timeless truth for a time of caution and confusion. Whether you listen to it on your mobile with headphones, with family gathered around a computer or stream it with a digital community, these talks are prepared for you with faith, hope and love at their core, and most of all love.

This week, in the first of a new series entitled “The Saturday Session” featuring our speakers from across the globe, Ravi Zacharias shined the light of love eternal and personal on the darkness that abounds. In this talk, Ravi laid out his four pillars upon which we can build a life of strength in truth at this time. A time when we must “live with the eternal in perspective” and reflect on how we each can make this world a better place. #coronavirus #COVID19 #SocialDistancing #Quarantine

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