Ray Comfort | – A Divine Encounter

Ray Comfort shares with Amber—a sweet lady who was lost, and ended up in a special park for a special conversation.

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  1. That really touched me. My mom is like her when ever my mom hears of my grandmother. As this woman on the video, my mom hasn't overcome that stage of life. I'll be praying for her too.

  2. Hello Ray, here people like leaders are saying their's no 10 commenments coz it was replaced by Melzisedik coz by faith and only by His grace we are safe on the cross so be Baptized and born again Christian and their's no 10 commenments to need to get Heaven and they knew as Jesus said,"I came here rather to fullfill the moral law but they don't understand or can compared the same teaching of our lord Jesus Christ and they preach about love and so on but I need a video which I can share thou I'm not a perfect one but atleast I can show them how judgement day will be conduct to whom and to where , they just think by Baptism and reborn they won't be judged but never realise that, they hate someone inside,angry and never forgive someone who did bad to them,or no,,they judge others but not them and I think maybe they ignore what the moral laws said about,"if I look a beautiful girl with lust I'm already committed adultery and if I hate someone and it's hatred and Jeleouy and blasphemy are what is common in all the church of the NE INDIA which is the most populated said christians states but inside it's we are ugly including me so may God bless us with your prayers coz you're the one who brought the gospel but it turning upside down and it's a fact and God forbid if it's not what He wants me to write in this way Amen. Thanks

  3. To whoever is reading this: Please consider taking a short moment and praying for my family to find Jesus Christ. My grandmother is currently over 90 years old. My parents are non-believers as well and also my three siblings. Every prayer will make a difference. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and god bless you!

  4. That is why we fail. We commit an act we know is bad, but because we believe we ultimately love more than we committed bad acts. We never see the truth. We live in a constant lie of narcissistic habit. It us a defense ….An survival instinct. But it isn't easy trusting in who we really are.

    Politics breeds this type of people. Listen more; talk less.

  5. I love your videos, but there are some inconsistencies with your comparisons to the court of law. One can only pay one's bail, in which case they will be freed until their official hearing. They are not freed for life, they are freed until official judgement. I suggest you don't use this comparison as the court of law is a man made system, hence, it is automatically flawed. You can't compare Jesus dying on the cross to someone paying a few thousand dollars bail in court. Jesus did not pay our bail, he served our sentence in full with his life. There is a fine difference. Keep doing your good work and spreading the word my friend.

  6. I love Ray C and Amber.God led her there for an encounter with Ray, but also to let her know that her Mom is alright. Right after my Mom passed away, a Pastor on TV randomly said "Walker Texas Ranger." She used to watch that show all of the time.

  7. I believe that you are wrong about “works” not having value. If that were true, what is the value of teaching and preaching the Bible, the “words” of our creator, over the last centuries? Would anyone have paid attention to that for so long without acting on it?