Ray Comfort | – Ray Comfort Tries to Surprise his Daughter

Ray tries to surprise his daughter while she is speaking at a women’s conference, but things do not go quite as planned. Watch what happens.

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Comment (41)

  1. I don't have any stories about nervous laughing, but i have noticed most preachers (pastors) are usually funny and laid back. I'm the exact opposite. I'm very serious and intense. Jokes never come to my mind when i preach.

  2. These tracts have helped me so much. I’ve got a whole kit loaded up every time I go out. I feel like it’s Call of Duty as I highlight Bibles, and prepare tracts. I’ve got a 72 hr go bag filled with Bibles and a camelback prepped with just enough to witness to a handful of people.

    If I get any replies I’ll publish a video I made on my load out.

  3. Guys can you please pray for my friend? I shared the Gospel with him and he is very open to it, and says he is thankful to God, but doesnt feel much urgency right now and his motivation for the Gospel is not very high. I can tell he wants to strengthen his relationship with God so I am praying that he repents and believes the Gospel. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could pray too. God bless!

  4. God has always a plan for us. God planned to close the first two or three gas stations untill you finally arrived at the available gas station because someone needs to hear the Word of God. Thank you so much brother Ray Comfort for sharing the Words of God.

  5. Hi Ray, I have watched many of your videos… but in the case of the people you just met, at the gas station… how did you start up these conversations? just like you usually do, or how? just interested 🙂

  6. There was a brother at my church who came in with a big smile on his face and said that the kitchen was on fire. It took a bit to realize – he was serious!
    Completely off topic, I often like to put a word out about gospel tracts. I am so thankful to the Lord for Ray and Company. Please pray that the Lord will help me be bold in sharing the gospel at gas stations and convenience stores.
    That said, I do load up my leather business card holder with 3 kinds of tracts: first, the Smart Cards that I leave in six packs of beer at the supermarket. Next, my 'Something to Think About' tracts that I leave with my tips at restaurants. Finally, I keep a Spanish tract.
    Leaving tracts is so fun and easy – and the rewards are out of this world. I am in dire need for some extra reward in heaven, so please let me know if I have encouraged you to purchase and use some gospel tracts! Far from being seated next to Christ at the heavenly banquet, I may need binoculars to see the Lord (i.e. seat seven million, six hundred thousand, and forty two). Actually, I am not worried about my reward, but joking about it makes good print.

    May the Lord fill you with joy eternal as you seek to please God in all things! Jesus Christ is the light of the world.

  7. Our bro' Ray sure knows how to redeem every moment for the Lord. Literally running on empty & three gas stations later, 3 precious souls hear the uncompromised Gospel & now know how they can be redeemed & saved into the eternal kingdom of God.
    Thank you Ray.

  8. Hello sir Ray, I am always following you in all your videos and social media and adapted your method since 2016, am still in college. Can I request from you a shoutout (as an encouragement) to your next video? Hoping. God bless sir Ray. 🙂

  9. "Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances…" 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
    Allow the source of your joy to be in Jesus, in who He is and what He did for you. Keep on praying to Him and don't give up. God loves you so much and showed that through Jesus. Romans 5:8
    Thus, because of what Jesus did for us, He is always worthy of all of our thanks. Because no matter what happens here on Earth, good or bad, God is always good. Hopefully this inspired you today. God bless you!

  10. That was awesome how you found someone to witness to while just going through your every day life.

    I also don’t believe it was coincidence about those first 2 stations being closed