Richard Roberts | – Healing Prayer for Stomach Area

Richard Roberts prays a healing prayer for the stomach and other internal organs such as the kidneys, gall bladder, and more.

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About The Author

Richard Roberts Begun in 1947 by Oral Roberts, the ministry continues today through his son, Richard Roberts, and involves a many-faceted ministry. What started as tent crusades in the United States has grown to an internationally televised ministry; international healing rallies; medical missions; the School of Miracles; teaching books, CDs, and DVDs; and the Abundant Life Prayer Group. Richard Roberts For more information:

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  1. Thankyou for your prayers. I have stress and discomfort in my stomache. I'm afraid of hernias or stress in Jesus name Jahovah YWHY. In Jesus precious name I pray for your healing blessing. Thankyou please forgive me of my sins. In Jesus name AMEN.

  2. I beg you to please pray for my mother who is suffering from pain in the right side of her abdomen im so scared what if it's gallstones and my mom is scared of surgery I don't know what to do anymore please lord hv mercy and perform a healing miracle for my mom in Jesus Christ mighty name I pray Amen.

  3. Omg I really needed this prayer
    I've been having stomach problems for like 6 months and every night I don't feel good and get so much anxiety which makes it worse thank you for the prayer it really helped ❤️

  4. Richard I need prayer. My Stomache hurts. I quit smoking 4 days ago .

    Because of serious heart burn. Hucking up brown flem. I wish I could type everything.
    I even had to have a real excorism performed.
    I rather e mail this. It's private. I need prayer from U if you can.