Richard Roberts | – When You Pray and Believe, but Don't See Any Change

Have you ever felt discouraged by prayers that seemed to go unanswered? Join Richard Roberts as he shares how you can hold on to your faith and receive the miracle you have been waiting for.

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About The Author

Richard Roberts Begun in 1947 by Oral Roberts, the ministry continues today through his son, Richard Roberts, and involves a many-faceted ministry. What started as tent crusades in the United States has grown to an internationally televised ministry; international healing rallies; medical missions; the School of Miracles; teaching books, CDs, and DVDs; and the Abundant Life Prayer Group. Richard Roberts For more information:

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  1. Dear Richard Roberts, I have been standing on the Word of God (Matt 8:17) and (Psalm 103:3), (Psalm 107:20) and other verses regarding two broken teeth and an abscess in my mouth; and believing and confessing the Word and its been going on a while. I know that God wants me healed and it is 'finished'…but the enemy is really fighting me in this…am I missing something? I know being healed by the Word is Gods perfect will for me…thank you Sir…

  2. Thank you in a chronic impossible condition discouraged to overcome it but. He’s Keeping. Me. npray for others but for. me .. it’s a fight to stay in there. I believe n will covenant n job 5:89 to stay believing n fight a good fight. His word supersede. the discomforts n stiffness I want my bounce bzvk. I Jesus name. Thx you for your good word in Jesus name I will to overcome the devil s hold in this infirmity.

  3. I’ve been praying for my job, I need prayers in every area of my life but right now my job is at risk, and I want you agree with me in prayer to keep my job, you know the thing is I don’t know how to pray, I said some scriptures from the babble but I feel like it should be something else, I really don’t know what to do, this guys hate me so much the he promise the he will destroy me me and so far he make me loose a lot of things including my family and now he is going after my job, we both work together and he gave me hell but now he wants me out of there and I like my job and Im thankful to have it., Plz help me here thank you very much and god bless you.