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In this featured video from a recent Sunday morning service at MorningStar Fellowship Church in Fort Mill, SC, Bob Jones speaks about the Separation of the Lord and our need to focus solely on Him. Subscribe to receive updates. [support us]
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  1. Oh, my, how relevant today, as Bob has always been. God bless you all who work to help provide this Food for us. Thank you all!
    I also want to remember Helen Creggar to you, whom I met in Texas 3 different occasions back in the 1980's – I could never say enough about that wonderful lady and how essential her ministry to me was and has been, effects still to this day, I still so bless her name!
    God be with you all!!!

  2. The mystery of our God is that He does not change; that is our security from false teachings. He has one law for all. He delights in UNITY, not division.
    DANIEL 7:24-28 (Saints of the Most High shall take away the dominion of those who changed "times and laws" of our Creator. ) That only happens when we RESTORE the true holy times and laws.

    ACTS 3:18-21 RESTORE all spoken by all holy prophets since the world began and our God will send Yahushua-Jesus whom heaven must hold until then.
    TEN COMMANDMENTS IN DEUTERONOMY 5, 4:2 with the SEVENTH day Sabbath of NO WORK, (Saturday, not Sunday or Friday) It is NO WORK, that is part of the true worship.

    LEVITICUS 23 Other SABBATHS Of NO WORK and CELEBRATIONS for remembering the power of our Creator and Savior are unchanging appointed times.

    Father said to the Son, "Sit here on My right side TILL I make thy enemies thy foot-stool." Enemies of the Word of God are those NOT TEACHING true holy days and the Torah (Laws of our Creator given through Moses). They are waiting for us to RESTORE true Sabbaths of no work in OUR LIVES.

    DANIEL 2:44 In a time of great division shall the God of Heaven establish His Kingdom that shall have no end. That is a time like NOW. The WORD OF GOD is our Creator and Savior's Kingdom Law and government rule. Be a citizen and be ready, forgive ALL PEOPLE, speak against all ALL EVIL BEHAVIOR with LOVE to SAVE THE LOST.

  3. Sounds like Colorado…a lot of trading purity for platforms in most peoples there it’s a social self seeking witchcraft spirit and a deep spirit of religion…that’s why my family moved out of Colorado.

  4. I submit this to The Body that They pray and ask Holy Spirit is it a true word of encouragement. I seen a jungle then I heard kind of a roar but much more. Then the Lord cam forth though the jungle and ,said”there is a rumble in the jungle to Those in apposition to His Peace .he is saying “LETS GET IT ON” to His people Rest in His Love take care of the orphan and the poor. I’m standing with Him he makes us Brave.